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Process based, Role based, next phase…?

In year 1992 SAP revealed revolutionary ERP solution R/3. This product redefined the current ERP software market with its unique features and architecture. Client-server architecture was distributed the process load to front-end as well, graphical user interface change the rules of user involment, built-in information system (LIS) enabled top management to monitor day-by-activities. I can list many many fatures pages and pages…

SAP R/3 was the excellence of process based approach in ERP market. R/3 approved its success in many industries, not only in giant enterprises and also in SMEs as well. Companies get benefit by integrated, seamless and excellent designed processes. R/3 tried to be copied by many software companies, many many times, but everytime R/3 was as the king of the market.

However, things started to change after year 2000. Business started to change, excellence in processes let the compaines demand more. More contribution was required by the people. Roles became more critical than individuals and process itself. Workflow was introduced by SAP to enable control the stream of bunch of integrated processes. More solutions integrated to R/3, like BW, CRM, SCM and SRM.

And SAP Introduced  another solution pack called SAP Business Suite. This was not only a co-pack of solutions but also has a brand new architecture called Netweaver in year 2004.

Netweaver enabled SAP not only collaborate the people within the organization but also connected people anywhere in the world with its powerful integration capabilities. People and applications worked in a harmony and provided accurate information in the last decade.


More and more applications, services and people were get connected, GBs of data was generated almost daily, information need multiplied day-by-day. Existing top management cocpits became the heart of the steering. Multi-dimensional analytics are needed to be consumed with no latency. Social media, smart devices were became de-facto of the new economy called ” Networked Economy”. Internet sales won the battle againts the traditional sales. While software companies trying to obey the people needs that are connected to internet, things are connected and half of the data that human being was created are created in last 2 years. On-premise solutions are fading away and cloud based offerings are replacing every piece of computing.

Thanks God, SAP again took responsibility and announced S4/HANA this February. New enterprise platform to cover all new Era’s needs.

With the help of S/4HANA, companies will shape their future in-line with new, very fast changing economy.

I called this Goal Based Approach.

Companies need to set goals for 2 years maximum. Every piece of solution needs to be designed for the main goal. This era companies must be fast, innovative and goal oriented. And the softwares that they will need, must be fast, flexible and easy to start. Like S/4HANA in Enterprise Cloud, SF, C4C or Concur.



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      Nice summary of how things changed over the years. Do you mind giving an example of a goal-based scenario? And how that can leverage of the components like S/4, SF, C4C or Concur?

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      Many thanks Roland, let me explain Goal Based approach with an example: think that there is a company serving for a big enterprise as a subcontracting party. All the business processes and roles should be designed to be efficient in SC and Manufacturing.

      But what else if the company change its strategy and want to have many own brands in the market. They need to have powerful CRM tool, full-fledged HR solution in order to find right and new people, also they will need great logistics solutions, and real time market analytics. For certain areas they will suffer lack of expertise like CRM or HR or real time analytics. Addition to this they need to apply the new strategy to the operation ground very fast. So the software solutions and components must provide global know-how and standarts and these software solutions must ready on the time that they are required. Like using C4C, SF or Concur or Hana Live RDS.

      C4C will move the company on  a-class level where the competitors are standing, also SF will bring global Human Capital know-how to find and manage the staff, Concur will help them to control T&E costs and open a gate to global vendors. They are all cloud and subscription based, just get and use, no H/W no installations, no big preperations.

      SAP enables Goal Based Approach.

      Hope I am clear.