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Blog it Forward – Valentin Mezev

     This article is part of the Blog it Forward  Challenge. Thank you Diana Mihaylova for challenging me and congratulations for your good article in the Blog it Forward  Challenge.

Once upon a time…

… there was a small boy who was dreaming to become a politician while all other kids wanted to be either spacemen or police officers. That boy suddenly realized that this path will change his life forever and very likely in a negative way. Therefore he decided to become a mathematician and after that programmer. Thus far he is still trying to make the world a better place through technologies…


     I am part of the biggest business software provider company in the world since 2012. I was finishing 2nd grade of my bachelor degree of computer science at Sofia University when SAP invited me for an interview. I met them on an entrepreneurship conference and was not planning to change my old job initially. But I realized that SAP could provide me with what I need – new and interesting challenges. Now I am part of a very dynamic environment and I feel like connected to the whole world.

     During my almost 3 years in the Lab I was able to work in different organisations. In the beginning I was part of the development support organisation where I had the opportunity to be very close to our customers. It was interesting and full of challenges job. In the last 6 months I am working in the single sign-on team in Sofia, where we implement the latest security trends in our software… because SAP does not simply helps one’s life run simpler but also run safer.


     In the early 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Hanover, Germany to meet wonderful people, to see wonderful places and to spend wonderful time. I said “Well, if I have to..” 🙂 , and went there loaded with positive energy. Speaking about energy I later understood that I should have taken my whole bag of energy and not keep half of it at home, because you know… you run out of energy especially after 2 days with almost no sleep. But what was it all about. As every year in the past .. hmm I don’t know how many years, Hanover is the kind host of the CeBIT event, a gorgeous event by the way. But we were not traveling for it, although we had 2 days to walk around the CeBIT. We were traveling for the innojam competition hosted by SAP. Wonderful possibility not only to meet new people, but also to implement a great idea which later can win the competition. Well, we didn’t win, but we qualified in the final four, which was great – thank you Nedyalko Yotov huang hua Zoran Lisovac Leonard Nurnberg Jaroslaw ZdanowsSierra Yang Quan Xiaotong and Zong Maggie … for all the great moments, thank you SAP for making this real.


Questions addressed to me by my blog it forward challenger Didi.

Describe yourself with 3 words:

Knowledge_seeker, emotion_seeker and justice_seeker, because if there is no knowledge, there is no progress, if there are no emotions, new friends and funny moments, then you are just a deaf man on a magnificent concert, and of course if there is no justice.. I don’t know, I just love justice.

What do you dream of:

I dream of a world with no boundaries of religions, race, gender, I dream of world dominated by justice not rich people.

Which do you prefer – an ugly victory or a beautiful defeat? Why?

It depends on the price. If I fight for one’s life I prefer to save them in an ugly way than kill them beautifully. Fortunately I do not fight for anyone’s life and in my daily life I divide the things on those I learned something from and those I did not. After all life requires you to get better every day and sometimes you can learn more from a defeat than from a victory. Nevertheless I am a ‘win hungry’ individual and I love quoting that “being second is just being first in a long queue of losers”. Having this desire to win and striving for more knowledge every day, I am trying to find the balance between losing and winning in my personal and professional life.

Blog it forward

I would like to blog it forward to Ralitsa Dobreva and Lyubomir Lalev

1. Joy is found with simple awareness. What does your joy look like today?

2. What do you value most in this life?

3. Do you like the current situation in your country and if not why didn’t you change it yet?

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      Author's profile photo Diana Mihaylova
      Diana Mihaylova

      What a great Blog it Forward post full of wisdom, humor and... justice 🙂
      Thank you for accepting my challenge, Valentin!

      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Manuel Robalinho
      Manuel Robalinho

      Great Blog it . Congrats!