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Triggering Remote Process Chains from ECC


In a previous post, I detailed how to trigger BW process chains upon successful completion of an ECC job, using events, a custom program in ECC that calls a FM in BW that triggers a Raise Event, that calls the process chain in question (Triggering BW Process Chains from ECC)

That’s a valid scenario when the jobs in question are out of control of the BW team, and are really simply a precursor to the BW process chain. For example, a standard ECC job that needs to run daily, regardless of any dependencies with BW, and the BW team merely requires that data once it has been processed.

However, for jobs that are specific to BW, for example a custom ABAP program that needs to be executed to populate a custom Z table which is the source of a custom Z datasource, and which is solely controlled by the BW team, can be encapsulated in an ECC process chain (wait, did he say process chain in ECC? YES I DID), and called via a remote chain in the main BW process chain.

It’s actually a very simple process, but which is extremely valuable, and provides many advantages, such as scheduling the main process chain in BW, being able to send success/failure emails all through BW using process chain messages, and one single location to view the entire process chain log.

Below I’ll detail how to do that

ECC Setup

Step 1. Create your ECC process chain, by going to tcode RSPC. The interface is exactly the same as what we have in BW. For the purposes of this post, I created a dummy ABAP program that does nothing.


Create your Start Variant, and under Scheduling Options, select Start Using Meta Chain or API, since this ECC chain will be called from the BW Remote Chain:


Add the ABAP program (or whatever ECC process you want to execute remotely) to your process chain


Save an activate, and your ECC process chain will be ready.

BW Setup

Step 2. Create your BW process chain:


The process chain I’m using is the same as of my previous post, the only difference being that I added a remote process chain immediately after the start variant:


In order to add the Remote Process Chain, go to change mode and into General Services, and double click on Remote Process Chain


The screen below will appear, and you should click on the New icon to create a new Remote Process Chain variant:


The next screen will allow you to enter the variant technical name and description, as well as the

     – Destination: in this case the target ECC system from which we want to call the ECC process chain;

     – Called in Target System: the process chain in ECC that we want to execute;

     – Destination for Callback: the system that it will report the completion, which is back to our BW system .

In my example, ED1CLNT800 is our ECC system, and BWDCLNT001 is our BW system


Once that is done, save and activate your BW process chain, and it will be ready.


You can now execute your process chain, and it will call your Remote Process chain in ECC and execute it, and report the status in your main BW process chain, as well as in ECC:

BW Process Chain


ECC Process Chain


Notice how it was executed almost immediately after the BW chain.


This is a very simple and easy way to schedule ECC jobs that are solely related to BW processes, and provides a clean interface for integrating jobs between the two systems.

Good luck with your remote schedulings, and please provide any comments and tips that can help to expand on this topic.

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