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SAP HANA system copy Procedure-  Below is the HANA System copy (SWPM) using Backup/Recovery method from PRD to QAS.

— SID of HANA production is PRD- > So, schema will be SAPPRD

— SID of HANA Quality is QAS- > So, Schema will be SAPQAS

1. Take the backup of HANA Prd system

2. Copy/Move the the backup form PRD Host to QAS Host

3. Ensure that QAS is having enough space for Backup.

4. Download SWPM latest

5. Download Kernel.

6. Download SAP HANA License of QAS

Start SWPM and select Database refresh or DB Move

Profile Directory Of App server

Provide default Master Password for all users

Provide passwords for SIDADM & SAPServiceSID

Provide path of kernel Directory

Select Homogeneous System Copy method

Provide your DBSID as QAS , DatabaseHost will be QAS Host name & Instance number of QAS

SWPM will take the below schemas

Here Schema name should be SAPPRD

Provide SIDADM Password

Provide the location of the backup path as per Point 2 . Backup name should be the prefix name of the complete data backup. I have used the default backup name (COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP).

Provide the location of SAP HANA QAS License as per Point 6.

Provide DDIC password

Select Local Client directory as HANA Client software Patch. Perhaps you can select “central directory also” Depends on the requirement.

After clicking “Next” You will be asked to check the final list of parameters and after confirming your actual HANA Refresh will start

Post Successful Completion, You need to update the hdbuserstore on SAP Application server. -> This will connect the SAP Application and HANA DB.

Run Report RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION to adjust SAP HANA Calculation views.

P.S: I am not including Post refresh activity steps. This will be common like other refresh activity.

Refrence Note:

1844468 – Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA

1709838 – BW 7.3 on HANA: System copy using backup and recovery


Pavan Gunda

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    1. Former Member

      Hi Pavan and other colleagues…

      • Folks

      just wanted to seek your opinion , guidance and direction… to see which is a better tool for generated reduced volume system copies from / for SAP Business Suite on HANA and BW on HANA.

      TDMS and EPI-USE – do very well when SAP runs on Non-HANA RDBMS…. what about when SAP runs on In-Memory HANA….

      Do you have any experience or can you advise – which is the best tool/ methodology for creating smaller Dev, QA etc from production size HANA systems

  1. Former Member

    Hi Pavan,

    Thanks for sharing.

    few questions:

    is this suite on HANA copy? BW on HANA copy ? or HANA in a side car environment (plateform edition) copy? was your backup on Disk or tape? what the SP of HANA?



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Sachin,

      I don’t think there will be a difference for “HANA copy? BW on HANA copy ? or HANA in a side car environment?”.

      But However, this is for BW on HANA copy


      Pavan Gunda

  2. Former Member

    Hello Pavan,

    Thanks for the blog. 

    We need to do this exercise but the source and targets are tenants from separate multi-tenant databases with different SIDs and schemas (e.g. SAPDEV and SAPPRD).  Does this technique work for my scenario?


  3. Former Member

    Hi Pavan,

    Thanks for the blog!! just wanted to ask one question in traditional database swpm use to stop at restore backup point and then we use to restore database and continue but as per your screen shots in hana we do not have to do that swpm it self will do the restore? kindly clarrify.



  4. Former Member

    Thanks Pavan,

    my scenario

    I would like to build new SID using backup restore from my multi tenant DB( two SIDs)

    using SWPM, any ideas please share and any differences when compare to traditional methods of make a new SID using system copy methods?



  5. Amar Dhamana boina

    Hi Pavan


    Thanks for the blog , was the production hana system encrypted , if so did you have to do manage the keys or was swpm took care of the encryption keys while doing the system copy to QA ?


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