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Author's profile photo Carl Dubler

S/4HANA migration in 1 simple picture

Migration is a big topic, but let’s see if we can introduce the subject in a simple way for now. For SAP customers already running ECC on-premise (but not yet on HANA) who want to stay on-premise, here is the path to S/4HANA:

S4 migration from ERP on anyDB.jpg

The journey to S/4HANA begins with a careful analysis of the business scenarios to address first, and for that effort, SAP offers a Value Identification Workshop.

The first technical step is to bring ECC 6.x up to Enhancement Pack 7 if this is not already done. Then, if not using Unicode data types, this must also be implemented. At this point, the database is ready to be migrated to HANA. After the migration to HANA is complete, then comes the Simplification Packages, previously called “innovation exchanges.” This is the new code that will bring the benefits you’ve read about for S/4HANA—a simplified data model, for example. The first package that is available is Simple Finance, followed in late 2015 by Simple Logistics. A promotional license is available at no cost to upgrade to the S/4HANA Foundation and includes Simple Finance Accounting and Financial Close.

Once you’ve migrated to HANA (step 3), then as each part of the S/4HANA suite is made available, simply repeat step 4 after acquiring the necessary licensing.

At each step of the journey, there are service and support options available from both SAP and SAP partners.

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      Author's profile photo Mark Muir
      Mark Muir

      Hi Carl - This is the best definition I've read on S/4HANA migration, I do have one question regarding Simplification Packages where can I read more in particular pre-check evaluation, activation (how to guide), validation, regression testing (if this all even applies)

      Thank you - Mark

      Author's profile photo Carl Dubler
      Carl Dubler
      Blog Post Author

      The only simplification package available now is Simple Finance (Simple Logistics planned for late 2015). So it is really just a matter of installing Simple Finance 2.0 (here is the complete guide to that, including all the activities you mention). And this deployment will depend on a lot of other factors, such as if your organization is using New or Classic G/L, the version of Asset Accounting, reconciliation ledgers, etc.

      When Simple Logistics is released, there will be a similar approach to this Phase 4 of my diagram.

      Author's profile photo Mark Muir
      Mark Muir

      thank you, will read guide

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Carl,

      Please could you help us here?

      I would like to know if we can migrate from ECC 606 to S/4HANA and sFIN and then do BPC?

      Is it mandatory that we have to have BW HANA for BPC to work? Or can we connect to BPC from SAP Business suite or S4HANA with Simple Finance environment?

      I also want to understand how Central GL could be leveraged to get the multiple ledger and actual data consolidation of Finance data that are currently available on 7 different ERP back end systems, including SAP ECC 606.

      So, the question is (in other words) how do we get the best of Central GL, sFIN and S4HANA and ultimately BPC? What should be the sequence in which we move to S4HANA, Central GL and BPC with sFIN?

      Every Blog I read does not mention anything about Central GL; but there are some details on sLT. And whether BW HANA is a BPC pre-requisite or not.

      I would appreciate if you could throw some light onto this scenario.


      Subash Krishna

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Carl,

      Nice document.

      But its old hence I want your confirmation again.

      Its possible direct (single step) from ERP/ECC 6.0 (noehp) to s/4 HANA migration ?

      Because when I see PAM for on premise S/4 HANA its suggesting its possible.


      Please clear.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Nikunj Thaker

      Author's profile photo Vincent TETARD
      Vincent TETARD

      Hi Nikunj,

      I have participated to the O&G Best practices event in Houston and it seem's that you can migrate directly to any SAP ERP6 version to S/4 Hana directly. The only pre-requisite is to be already Unicode.

      The answer is not so clear if you are on Business Suite on Hana.

      I hope it will help