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New problem solving tool in HCM: Authorizations analysis in PA

Authorizations issues in HCM are often regarded as a tricky subject by SAP consultants and engineers. From my job in SAP Support, I get incidents that seldom turn out to be SAP bugs.

Checking out the reason why a user can or cannot access a specific infotype for a given “pernr” may take a while.

Here´s the good news: The new program RH_AUTH_CUST_CHECK will do the analysis for you in no time !

Step 1.

Execute 3.png

Step 2.

report result 4.png

Step 3.

Report result 5 -14.png

The following KBA explains how the program works:

The application is delivered through note 2104789 (Still in Pilot release) tha can be applied through SNOTE + a few manual steps, but we hope to release it soon.

We are interested in feedback and suggestions so if you are interested in getting the application beforehand, just write a comment (no incident creation necessary) and we’ll contact you.

Update 04.05.2015

The note 2104789 has been released !!.

Update 07/2016

New Update in the tool !!! Please check the SCN link:

Check if the user is updated with a customer authorization object in HCM.


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  • Hi Mercedes,

    very interesting tool, can you comment on whether or not it will include structural authorizations in the analysis? If this is the case I would be interested in joining the pilot group.



    • Hi Alexander,

      Thank you. No at the moment the structural authorizations are not included in the analysis. As the KBA describes only the P_ABAP, P_ORGIN and P_PERNR.
      But it is a good suggestion to consider for future releases.



      • Hi Mercedes,

        I've discussed with my colleagues and we would like to join the pilot group for the note. Wanted to send an email to you with the customer number, however your email address is marked as private and at least for me it is not visible.



        • Hi Alexander,

          Sorry, it is already public. Please try again and update the mail with the customer ID to add you to the pilot note.


      • Hi Kenneth,

        This is a different functionality than the HRAUTH. The HRAUTH is a very good transaction with many information and the report is adding something that is not there. It is checking the employee assigment in PA0001 and the user authorizations.

        Mercedes Soler.

    • Hi Andy,

      Thank you for your coments.the note is still in Pilot release, let me know if you need it and I can addd to you, as a pilot customer.

      Mercedes Soler

    • Hi Manuel,

      The note is still in statsu "pilot release".

      Please send me one e-mail with your customer number and I will add to you.

      May e-mail  is into my profile.


      Mercedes Soler.

  • Hi,

    The note is still in "Pilot Release" so if you would like to get it as a pilot customer; Just send me an e-mail with your customer number and I will add to this note.


    Mercedes Soler.

  • /
  • Hi Mercedes:

    Thank you and your team for the excellent work... great tool. I know a couple of customer who will be happy to be able to use a authorization proofing tool like this while dealing with their nightmare authorizations landscape.

    Two wishes at the mo, if I may propose a couple of ideas to improve: Structural authorisations (i think it was already mentioned a lil more above in the discussion), and integration into HRAUTH tcode on the user-specific tab would be two awesome features.



    • Hi Antoine,

      Thank you, please inform your customer that the note is already released.
      Yes you are right, improve the tool with the structural authorizations will be great and it is something that we are evaluating.

      Thank you again for you coments.

      Best regards