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ASUG UX Group (SIG): Wrapup for “NWBC 5.0: What’s New” Webinar


Hi everyone, Thanks to everyone who attended this Webinar in person, and contributed to the lively discussion afterwards. It’s always good to know that participants are still awake at the end ;-).

Also thanks to Ingo Deck (SAP), Damean Chen (Brown Forman, UX SIG Chair), and Danny Pancratz (ASUG) for the coordination.

If you are an ASUG member, you can access the recording here:

I won’t post the slides separately, but I will make them available to all SCN members (ie not just ASUG) by updating the Overview slide deck in the next few days.

UPDATE: We also recorded a session for non-ASUG user groups. The recording is available here:

Questions and Answers

There are some more answers still to come, but I want to get this posted today, to provide a heads-up for the upcoming session and conference. Also, if you asked a question during the session, and you don’t see it here, feel free to add it to the comments below.

Q: : Will NWBC support server based ini file per note 1426178 that was initailly created using 730 gui?

A: No, there are no plans to support this.

Q: Are there plans for Side panels to be “personalized” for an end-user ? for e.g. the end-user can add a static URL on their desktop ?

You can only do this by creating a PFCG entry as Ingo said in the call – ie not suitable for end users.

Q: one other common request….can the end-user reorder the sequence of side panels for a txn; not sure how much of a challenge it is.

A: Yes, you can do this in PFCG.

  1. 1. Open the role in PFCG and choose the Menu tab.
  2. 2. In the Role Menu folder, open the subfolder that contains your side panels, and simply arrange them in the order you want them.
  3. 3. If they are in different folders, then, you can either arrange them in the  right order, OR assign a node ID.
  4. 4. If several roles, all containing side panels, are merged, then check the “Sort Index” in Menu Options.

However, again, the end user probably has no authorization to do this.

Q: Are there any plans to provide favorites for Side Panels. Also perhaps drag and drop capability

A: I have passed this request to the relevant product team. However, in general, our demelopment efforts are focused on Fiori integration, not side panel.

Q: Are there any plans to support FCC [Fiori Client for Chrome(book)] and  FCM [Fiori Client for Mac]?‑

A: .No – there is a a desktop capability for Fiori in the roadmap (subject to the usual disclaimer), but there are no plans to extend this to Mac / Linux.

Q: Is there any timeline for the Future Vision items specifially around configuring content

A: At present, we do not have a detailed timeline. However, since it is in the roadmap, we will progressively make more details, including timeline, available.

Q: Will NWBC support server based ini file per note 1426178 that was initailly created using 730 gui?

A: Awaiting answer from internal colleague.

Q: We are investigating implementing NWBC with a hub architecture using a front-end server concept for login and PFCG role storage and connecting to several remote backend systems, what kind of things do we need to be concerned with using the Hub approach?

A: I have blogged about this here: Connecting 2 Backend Systems, Part One: RFC Connections (Part One of a three-part series.)

Be sure to read the SAP Note carefully:  SAP Note 1795171

Q: Is SAP working on any generic SAP Screen Personas screens?

A: There are some, available with Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) for SAP Screen Personas. More details: RDS-UI-Personas

However, if you look at our overall strategy, SAP Screen Personas is provided to enable customers to adapt the transactions most important to them. The top transactions, which are suitable for generic, out-of-the-box renewal, are provided as Fiori or FPM renewed transactions.

Q: And has there been any more development on the Side Panel generic screens?

A: No, but in this case for capacity reasons.

UPDATE: We also received the following questions from the User Group Webinar:

Q: Is there an RDS package for side panels?

No, this RDS package has been discontinued.

There is a lot of information on existing out of the box side panels in the Business All-In-One package:

Enablement Kit for SAP NetWeaver Business Client – SAP Help Portal Page

Q: We have no NWBC, only SAP GUI Windows standalone. Should we wait for NWBC for Fiori UX, or immediately install 5.0?

You should install NWBC, then upgrade to NWBC for Fiori UX when possible. Upgradin from NWBC 5.0 to NWBC for Fiori UX should not be difficult, since the Fiori Launchpad is implemented “on top”; the other connection types and infrastructure are part of the SAP UI Landscape, and as such remain stable.

Q: We have 4.0. Should we wait?

You should install NWBC, then upgrade to NWBC for Fiori UX when possible

Is it possible, or will it be possible to launch SAP GUI for Windows native from FLP without NWBC , ie using SAP GUI capability?


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