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Scheduling Support for Lumira Documents in SAP BI

This blog focuses on capturing in detail the scheduling options supported for Lumira Document along with Data sources supported for scheduling.

The workflow for Scheduling Lumira document is covered in Working with Lumira Document in BI Launchpad

  • Data source
    • Lumira Document based on Universe (UNX QPE)

           Supported form SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform 1.28

    • Lumira Document based on XLS/CSV/TXT
    • Lumira Document based on SAP BW

  • Scheduling Options
    • Instance Title: Enter a name for the instance in the Instance Title box
    • Recurrence: Select a recurrence pattern (Now, Once, Daily…), The recurrence pattern you choose determines when the BI platform runs the schedule
    • Destination: following destinations are supported
      • Default Enterprise Location
      • BI Inbox
      • Email
      • FTP Server
      • File System

  • Instance Format: Currently only Lumira Document format is supported for instances

  • History Page
    • Access and View all the available instances from History Page

  • Prompts Support
    • Lumira Document based on Universe (UNX QPE) and SAP BW
      • Prompts aren’t supported in schedule workflows
      • Prompt values provided during query creation / edit or Last refresh will be used for Schedule
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  • Hi Ramu,

    I am unable to connect to my BI Platform from the SAP BW Data Acquisition connector. I am also unable to schedule report created based on local BW system. Any idea why?

    • Hello,

      What is the issue you are facing while connecting to BI Platform from Lumira desktop ?

      scheduling is supported for Lumira documents based on managed connection only.



      • Hi Ramu,

        We have 2 issues currently. First problem is that we are unable to connect to our BI Platform from the SAP BW Data Acquisition dropdown, it just gives us an error. (not connected). We also are unable to connect to our Universes (UNX). I Believe both of this issue are related due SSL been enable in our BIP.  I was reading some article and it says connecting to universes on BIP with SSL enabled  is currently not available with Lumira. Is this correct.

  • Hi Ramu,


    I am currently working with SAP Lumira Desktop version 1.3. Now I want to fetch metadata of Lumira documents using Rest API or some Java SDK. Can you let me know the link where Lumira Rest Apis are documented.


    Also, can i use the Rest Api (which fetches Webi documents ) for fetching lumira document metadata. Does it works. Please confirm.


    Thanks ,


  • Hi Ramu, I'm having some problems with the schedule of a lumira document that reads from HANA. The type of connection used was download from SAP HANA and the other connection was from a File, but when I schedule the document, It returns the message "DATASET refresh failed".

    I tried the schedule, with a document that only have one connection (download from SAP HANA) but this one returns another error "It's not possible execute the object due to an error during a job server process"


    Thanks for your help.