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Understanding Rules for Day Types

It is a general understanding that all public holidays and weekends are off. However, in certain industries it is not so. In industries such as mining, there are workers working in shifts 24X7. Thus at times, even though there is a public holiday, it is to be configured as a working day. Such scenarios are handled by configuring different rules for day types.

To put it in simple words, a rule for day types is a rule that defines which day type would be assigned to a day with a specific holiday class.

It is expected that the readers of this document would have a basic understanding of what are day types and holiday classes. To quickly review, below are the standard day types and holiday classes that are used most commonly.


Now let us try to understand the rule for day types column by column.


Rule Number: A unique sequential number assigned to each rule created. A relevant rule number is assigned to each WSR in V_T508A under the “Work Schedule Generation” section.

Day Type Weekday: This section specifies which day type is to be assigned to a weekday with a specific holiday class. This column has 10 positions for 10 holiday classes from 0 to 9 respectively. The content in each position specifies the day type that is assigned to the relevant holiday class at that position. To understand it better, refer to the screenshot below. Each position in the below shown rule has been highlighted in a different color. The holiday class to which each position corresponds is mentioned in the table along with the day type that is assigned to that Holiday class.


Now in case the business requires that the employees should not get any Off day even if the day is a public holiday then simply assign Day Type 0 for all holiday classes. The rule would then look like below:


Day Type Saturday: This column is same as the previous one with the only difference that it is applicable only for Saturdays. Let’s say that the business wants to give a day off only if the public holiday falls on a Saturday. In this case the rule would be configured as below:

As you can see Day type 1 (Off/paid) is assigned to position for Holiday Class 1 (public holiday) in the column for Saturday only. This would make all public holidays falling on Saturday as an off day. On any other day, the public holiday would be a working day.

Day Type Sunday: This column is similar to the previous one with the only difference that it is applicable for Sundays only. This column would be configured for the rule to be defined in case the public holiday falls on Sunday.

Let us look at some examples:

Scenario 1: A day off is given only when any ordinary public holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday.


Scenario 2: A day off is given if Christmas eve falls on weekend. Also a special allowance is given for this day. All other public holidays are normal day offs.


Many consultants find it difficult to understand the concept of rule for day types and configure the same. Hope this document would be helpful in making the understanding simpler.



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