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some tips on how to fix the issue that the integration virtual unit is showing yellow exclamation mark

When you find that the integration unit is showing yellow exclamation mark like the picture shows, you may try the following resolution
integration unit.PNG
1.  right click over the Virtual Unit and then select mark as repaired.
2.  the root cause may be IIS health check. In practice, this means that component is OK, but because health check is not working, HAC shows near failure status. So you may try to disable the health check. (IA -> HAC Level -> intergrations VU -> xyz_integrations -> HTTP monitor -> status and health monitoring -> disable option get status and health from HTTP response)

3. also one option is that there is no chat server installed and that causes integration VU to shwo near failure. We need to install chat server.

integration unit.PNG
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    • Hi Passion,

      Have you installed the chat server? If there is no chat server installed, the integration VU will show near failure.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Grace,

        The chat server came automatically when I added Integration VU....

        Would integration VU doesn't work with Chat server ? How to delete it and incase if I needed can i added it back..


  • Hi Passion,

    Keep in mind that when the 'Integration Interfaces' VU is installed it is required to restart the complete SAP Contact Center system in order for the other components to update and start communicating with this VU. The OII log should then be reviewed for any errors and addressed accordingly.



    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, I restarted the remote desktop.. And guess what , Integration VU turned into Green 🙂 however, the HAC node turned into Yellow.. So, I went to Monitoring mode and everything turn into Green and I was able to launch the OII screen without doing anything to the Chat server 🙂


      Passionate4BCM 🙂

  • Has Grace Xin, suggested while creating the VU for Integration we should "Uncheck chat Portal Server" option .. However, I was luckily enough to overcome even after choosing the Chat server 🙂

    Thanks guys for your all your help.. Looking forward as we go along...