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Problem with the creation of marketing campaign

Dear community,

our customer needs to launch 1 marketing email campaign on a target group that contains customers assigned to different dealers (owners) and have the message referring to each owner/responsible dealer for that customer (message arrived from dealer’s email)… how we can do that without creating n campaigns for each target group? It seems not possible actually in the C4C system.

thank you


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  • Hello Ilaria,

    Your can use the generic email address for all the Owners but you can manage the name of the Owner and other details using the placeholders while creating the e-mail template to be used in the Campaign.

    Doing so there would be challenge how you will be using same Target Group for all. Try to explore on E-mail template customization to pick the dynamic Owner details for the accounts in Target Group.

    One more suggestion, Next time don't ask the questions on blogs, experts might not like to reply here. 😉



    • Hi, thank you so much for such a prompt reply.

      1. How can I use the dynamic Owner details, for example, for individual customers, as there are only customer details placeholders? can we customize and add placeholders in e-mail template?

      in C4C it seems from the standard documentation, that we can only use the following placeholder:


      Account: Name

      Individual Customer: First Name


      Account: Additional Name 

      Individual Customer: Last Name


      Formatted name of the account or individual customer


      Individual Customer: Title (for example: Mr. or Ms.)


      Individual Customer: Academic title (for example: Dr. or Prof.)


      Account: First name of the contact person


      Account: Last name of the contact person


      Account: Formatted name of the contact person


      Account: Title of the contact person (for example: Mr. or Ms.)


      Account: Academic title of the contact person (for example: Dr. or Prof.)


      Account: Function of the contact person from the business card (for example: Product Manager)


      Account: Department name of the contact person from the business card (for example: Development)


      Response code ID generated for each member of the target group during the execution of the campaign


      In this set of placeholders i can't fint the owner. do you know if we can use it by standard or by customization/development?

      thank you