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“Know HANA Rules Framework better” – a video course

Hi colleagues,


In the next few weeks we are going to introduce a video course which will help you to know HANA Rules Framework better…

The course will be constructed from the next chapters:

  • Installation of HRF:


      • How to install HRF?
  • Vocabulary:


      • What is vocabulary (introduction)?
      • How to create a basic vocabulary?


      • How to create outputs?
      • How to create actions?


      • How to create Vocabulary dependencies?


      • How to create value lists?
  • Rules:


      • How to create a basic text rule?


      • How to create a basic decision table?
  • Aliases:


      • What is alias (private & public alias)?
      • How to create and use alias?
  • Rule Service:


      • What is rule service (introduction)?
      • How to create an automatic rule service?
      • How to create a manual rule service?
      • Parameters in rule service
  • Rule Template:


      • What is rule template (introduction)?
      • How to create a rule template?
  • Complex Rules


      • Complex rule writing utilizing Rule Expression Language’s advanced functionalities



Good luck and best regards!

Noam Gilady

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  • Hi Noam,

    is there a reason why the videos aren't broadcasted in the HANA Academy Channel on Youtube? It would be a lot easie to find them there as this is from my expereince a very valuable source of such videos and video courses.

    Anyway very happy to get some more information on that intersting topic!



    • Hi Christian,

      I have to admit that I am quite new on SCN and I don't know the process to upload video materials via HANA Academy Channel... I will try to find out how to do so - thank for the advice!

      BR, Noam

    • Hi Christian,

      Are you also using HRF tools? Just wanted to know in case you were using them i needed some info from your end.



      • Hi Deeksha,

        unfortunalty not yet. Looking forward when it is integrated into BRFplus as then I have the right software stack 🙂

        Cheers Christian

        P.S. But in case you have a trial system to test it let me know 😆