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Many a times we get some message in the bottom left of our screen while executing some custom program or TCode. This document will show you how to find the exact line of code which raises this message. I hope it will be useful to all of us.

1. I am using customized program in this example. When I execute this program I get the following message ‘No records found’. Now I want to find the source code from where this message is raised.

Picture 1.png

2. Go to TCode SE30/SAT. Enter your program name in ‘In Dialog’ box and select Program radio button. In this case I am using ‘ZFRO_CI_PAYMENT_INFO’ program. Then click on Execute.

Picture 2.png

3. System will take you to the same program. Enter your data so that same message pops up. Then press Exit button so that you come back to SAT TCode screen. Click on Evaluate tab. You will see Existing ABAP Runtime Measurements.

Picture 3.1.pngPicture 3.2.png

4. Click on Trace File column.

Picture 4.png

5. Search for message number in the trace file.

Picture 5.1.png     Picture 5.2.png 

6. Double click on this line will directly take you to the source code.Picture 6.png

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  1. Former Member


    The new debugger has an option to set up break points at a specific message. You can include the message Id, number and the message type as well.

    In my mind this is a more easier option. May be you can add this into your blog as well.



    1. Former Member Post author


      I checked that document before uploading mine. My method is somewhat different from the methods mentioned in the document.


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