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Fiori Inbox – How?

As part of the continuous improvement SAP has come up with various workflow approval options for SAP business workflows which gives the user various options to execute applications using workflows.

SAP has tried to separate the applications from business workflows specifically in few areas of HCM like travel management and leave however this approach has confused a lot of customer in case of usage.

SAP today provides following workflow execution options.


2. Unified Inbox

3. Fiori Inbox

4. SAP ERP inbox

5. Universal Inbox in case of JAVA stack

Unknowingly SAP has created complexity for self however the reality differs.

With the release of SAP Fiori Inbox SAP provides the most unified way of executing workflows from one application across all platforms and devices.

A user as in any role can logon to Fiori inbox using his/her tablet, mobile or desktop. The application adopts according to the device used.


A Fiori inbox typically looks as shown above on a desktop. The inbox is capable to execute SAP and NONSAP workflows and we will talk about how can it be achieved.

In today’s world we have HCM, SRM, CRM having different technology used. We use java, BSP, SAP GUI, SAPUI5 and other various applications and objective of any implementation must be to integrate all these under one roof.

Lets get to business instead of talking at high level.

We have above scenario where a leave application is being sent to manager by employee, one as manager can take the action using the green and red buttons from your mobile or desktop. However you want the manager to see more details of applied leave apart from over view then you can click on open task and you can launch any application in the open task.

For example we cab launch a webdynpro application on click of open task as shown below from desktop.


The quick question that occurs in everyone’s mind is that how can this be done hence lets talk about that.

There is a class CL_SWN_URL_GENERATOR  which picks up values of task parameter that we store in SWFVISU transaction.

Which means that in above case the Sapnamespace, application, webdynpro component and dynpro parameter is picked by class CL_SWN_URL_GENERATOR.

Let’s look at the methods of this class.


The class carries each method that creates application url for different applications like webgui, ITS, java and abap webdynpro and BSP.

Let’s look at a bit of configuration required here. The configuration would depend on the gateway strategy. This configuration can be part of gateway system.


When you maintain the task name and decision options you can follow below example. Please note that the parameters totally depend on the applications. The parameters are very much maintained in SWFVISU and in case of above step below is what you will configure.



The decision text configured above will be visible as button text. You can enable or disable a comment field. Please note this comment field value is not stored in the workflow hence if you have a specific comment field in application or workflow then please do not expect this comment to match with the same.

I recommend you to keep above comment field unchecked as in most cases either workflow step or application has comments option.

Please note that to get the Step ID you will have to check your workflow.

Another example of how request can be configured for another process is shown below.



After above configuration if you check the training request then below is how it would look in the Fiori Inbox.


If you choose to open the task and view the details then below is the reference screenshot which your desktop browser will open.


you can check course details by clicking links under Objects and attachments.


Please make sure you also complete scenario definition configuration.


Define scenario


Consumer definition


You can define a role which can be assigned to consumer as shown below.


You need to define a system that the task gateway has to use. As generally if you have external gateway then this application would read the workflow from ERP system.


ERP_TASK would be defined in SM59 which will point to the ERP system.

This completes your scenario based task definition and this definition will refer to the parameters that are defined with the SAP Business Worklfow in SWFVISU and pull the respective parameter to form different URL.

With the effective usage of Fiori inbox you have single point of source in the system that can help you execute your process from Desktop Tablet and Mobile phones.

We have implemented the Fiori Inbox for a customer and the results are effective.

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      • Hi Barin,

        Since the SCN thread is migrated to wiki links, I don't see any update/modify option in the page. Seems we don't have authorizations now.

        New page link :

        Need to contact the space editors. I guess Masa was doing it.


  • Dear Barin DESAI,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info with the community.

    Do you have any idea if we can invoke/launch a custom application (be it WD ABAP, UI5 application) when user click on the workitem from the Fiori My Inbox?

    From all my searching , I have seen only the approve scenario being show cased . I found that with My Inbox we can only do simple stuff like vie the leave details (as in case of notification of absence demo scenario ) or any other object in the classical GUI. Could you please confirm if my understanding is correct?

    What if we want to have a the target application that opens up from the Fiori My Inbox to be a full fledged application where user could edit fields, add attachments,etc and also be able to carry out custom actions other than Apporval, Rejection , etc.

    With regards,


    • Hi Sahir

      the inbox will eventually look for SWFVISU and that is where the parameters of url are generated.

      URL generation class will pick parameters from swfvisu.

      If you have specific requirements then provide the details and I can look at helping you.



      • Thanks Barin.

        I am basically try to get a custom UI5 app opened from Fiori Inbox.

        After following the configurations that you have mentioned the service IWPGW/TASKPROCESSING/ is not returning any results while scenario collection does indeed have the definition.

        Scenario Collection.png

        I always end up getting the message No items are currently available in the Fioir Inbox.

        After initiating the absence I am able to see the work item in my ECC Inbox.

        Is it essential to have task TS30000016 configured in SWFVISU even to get the work item listed in TaskCollection of gateway service? If yes please provide me the values for SWFVISU for this task.

        Not sure where I am going wrong.

        Thank you.

        With regards,


        Scenario Collection.png
        • Hi sahil

          I assume you see the workitem in the inbox as you have put the task right.

          Please confirm.

          you must put a break point on class CL_SWN_URL_GENERATOR and then check what parameters are required.

          You are looking at task which you have mentioned I assume you are trying to run leave approval process in which case you will have to use the SAPUI5 application and task that is part of workflow WS33700137. The parameter identification can't be done by me as I don't have sufficient details however take help from the workflow resource if you have any.

          Ideally standard parameters should work.

          All the best.



          • Thanks Barin. Much appreciated.

            After almost 2 weeks of debugging we finally figured out the issue was because of incorrect user maintained in the RFC destination.

            As you rightly mentioned the target application is being picked from SWFVISU config.

            Working on getting the UI5 application being launched as the target application.

            With regards,


  • Hi Barin,

    thanks for your great blog.

    I habe two questions:

    - Your 1st screenshot shows details of the request. How can I create this?

    - How can I launch the Fiori approval app when choosing open task?

    Thanks for your help!



    • again sorry for delay in replying.

      1.  in your workitem you need to bring this data and then from task description you can display the values. There is a badi related to task that too can be useful.
      2.  SWFVISU parameter configuration creates the url and the class is explained in the blog.