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In this blog, i am going to explain the basics of report results cleanup task and its functionality.

This is a type of scheduled task which is used to cleanup the results of the reports executed prior and having a query server event action as ‘Alert’.


These results are usually stored in the Sourcing system and needs to be regularly cleaned up to avoid memory issues.

Steps for creating a Report Results Cleanup Task:

  • Click on New button in Scheduled task
  • Select the task type as Report Results Cleanup Task
  • Give the display name and the description for the same.
  • Specify the frequency the task should execute.
  • Also you can specify the Start date and Expiration date.
  • Finally click on Done to save the task.


One report results cleanup task is enough to clean the results of multiple report tasks. Hence it is always advisable to have a cleanup task scheduled in the system to clean up the alerts generated by report tasks.

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