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How to add new facets and section groups to SAP standard Objects

This document covers how to create and add new facets (tabs) and section groups to a SAP Object. This feature is available only in HTML5 mode.

Let us take ‘Lead’ for example to create new facets and section groups.


     1. Login the system on HTML5 Client

     2. Open the object screen, where you want to add facets and section groups

     3. Select ‘Edit Master Layout’ under Adapt


     4. Click Add tab button to create additional tab, provide title, add and apply



     5. A new facet is added with a default section group and more sections can be added by using ‘Add section’ under button as shown below



         You can also perform following actions for facets and section groups

                    a. Change properties

                    b. Revert changes

                    c. Change Label

                    d. Hide element

     6. Use drag and drop function to add standard/custom fields from the header to the new section groupCapture6.JPG

7. Once done, ‘End layout changes’ and all the users will be able to view the changed layout.



Note: As of now, custom section groups can only be created in header and custom facets only. SAP plans to provide custom section groups creation in standard tabs also in future versions (1505 onwards)

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