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How to log on to SAP JAM (for externals)


Tip from Tom Van Doorslaer Apr 7, 2015 3:50 PM

Hit ctrl+shift+N in Chrome to start a private browser mode. here, you always start without cookies (avoids some of the problems mentioned below)


As an external (valid for all non SAP internal accounts) navigate to URL to logon to SAP JAM

The links provided in e-mail for specific JAM groups do not function if they are provided by an internal resource unless you have logged on already through the above extranet URL.


Log on to SAP JAM


If you’re e-mail ID is grayed out, this is because you’ve used “remember me” functionality or you’re already logged into a service that used SAP Cloud Identity (for example, you’re logged onto SAP SCN).

If this is not the correct account, you need to get rid of this memory J sounds cool right. In case you’re logged onto SCN and the account differs, log out of SCN and close all browser windows. If this is still insufficient, clean out browser cache & cookies:


This can differ depending on the browser you’re using (above screenshot comes from Chrome)


For Internet Explorer, you’ll find this cleanup in settings – internet options

With a blank sheet, open up a browser window again and navigate to the SAP JAM extranet URL again


This time, I get the option to select a SAP certificate

It really depends which e-mail account (has to be bound to an s-user) was invited by someone into the SAP JAM group

For example was invited. This mail address is bound to S-user S000113… in my case.

You also have the option to cancel here and proceed using only your mail address


I’ll cancel here since my mail address is bound to different S-users in fact and I’m not sure which S-user the account is bound to


In this case, I get the SAP ID logon screen, this time, not prefilled

Now I can enter my mail address and password to enter SAP JAM



In the end, I can log on

Note that the same steps (clean cache, close browser windows, restart browser, …) are needed for me at this point if I would now want to log onto SCN because my accounts differ (not same mail address / not same S-user).

Feedback for the SAP ID team: As an end-user with multiple accounts, it would be useful to still have the option to clear the login account name even though a user is already logged in. The universal account might change this in the end but in the meantime the above is what needs to happen to relog on another account.

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