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How To Fix 3 Issues With Your First SAP BW on HANA Trial

In my first experience with the SAP Marketplace and AWS, I ran into 3 undocumented issues that had me stumped for days. I’ve outlined the issues and resolutions below in hopes that this will save you the headache.

  1. Invalid Account Credentials (AWS User-ID and Group Issue)
  2. Pending Verification Issue
  3. Region and Subnet (Remote Desktop Issue)

I’ll briefly go over the three issues & resolutions in the paragraphs below. If you need additional clarification, then check out the video at the end of this article where I go into further detail.

Invalid Account Credentials (AWS User-ID and Group Issue)

In order to install the trial, you need a AWS user-id with access to the credentials as per

  • AmazonEC2FullAccess
  • AmazonVPCFullAccess
  • ReadOnlyAccess
  • AWSAccountUsageReportAccess

Just remember to assign your user-id to the new groups.

Pending Verification Issue

If you happen to see the a “pending verification” status during the installation of your SAW BW on HANA Trial, then you need to take three additional steps.

  1. Contact Amazon (or they will give you a call) to confirm your account and activity.
  2. Delete the current instance of the appliance in SAP CAL.
  3. Install the appliance in SAP CAL again.

Having received this message in a prior attempt, I waited 20 hours only to find that the installation was stuck. Just delete the instance after you contact Amazon and install it again.

Region and Subnet (Remote Desktop Issue)

If you’ve gotten this far, then you should see a green square next to your instance in SAP CAL, indicating your appliance has been installed, active, and ready for use. Congratulations!

However, you cannot tunnel into your server using Remote Desktop. To resolve this issue, delete your instance and recreate it (again) with the following setting:

  • Region: ap-northeast-1
  • Subnet: VPC subnet in ap-northeast-1c

There seems to be region specific issues with the SAP Trial packages. I tried a few combinations during the installation and the above setting worked.


As an added bonus, there is an Wonderful Guide (in your Cloud Appliance Library screen after a successful installation) that provides plenty of exercises (and step-by-step instructions) for the new functionality in SAP BW 7.4 on HANA and SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 on HANA. I highly recommend going through the exercises to become more familiar with the new concepts.


The following video explains the 3 issues in further detail. Check it out and let me know if the video helps?

How To – Install SAP BW on HANA Trial – YouTube


Here are some links that I referenced in the above video:

Final Comments

I enjoyed putting this tutorial together. Please let me know if you were able to get your first application up and running?

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  • Hi Hau Ngo

    That's really good documentation. But I have some issue against create instance in CAL with amazone accesskey. even though I add 4 permission under group as correctly ,

    But I have still same.

    Can you let me know what can i do?



  • Hi Young,

    If I understand correctly, you cannot create the instance in CAL.

    Did you assign your user-id to the new group?


    • Hi Hao

      Yeb I think that I had assigned user-id under new group as you mentioned above.

      I am sending my screenshot in Im AWS.

      Can you check and let me know what was problems in AWS..

      Question) Identity and Access Management should be all setting ? I am missing Activate MFA on your root account as below

      My user is :sap_cal_new_user

      4 groups each created :

      ReadOnlyAccess ,








      AWS Generalinfo1.PNG

    • Hi Hau

      Yeb.... I have already tried to create the SAP instance in Cal.

      Do you think that my user and group made as correctly on AWS screenshot?

      But I have warning message as below.