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32-bit Lumira Desktop: Direction and Support Going Forward

With Lumira Desktop 1.23, SAP has integrated a new, lightweight, in-memory data engine that is native to 64-bit environments.

In Lumira 1.27, planned for June 2015, SAP plans to begin making changes that leverage and depend on this new data engine. These changes are groundwork for important innovations in later releases, but as a result, SAP will no longer deliver 32-bit versions of Lumira Desktop with new features after Lumira 1.25.

For customers who wish to continue using Lumira Desktop on 32-bit machines, options will include:

  1. Critical fixes for Lumira 1.25 will be available until September 30, 2016.
  2. Lumira Desktop (64-bit, version 1.23 and later) can be deployed onto 64-bit machines, which can be accessed remotely from 32-bit machines using technologies such as Remote Desktop and Citrix.

Note about Lumira servers:

Users can access Lumira servers from supported browsers on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines. Stories can be created, viewed, and shared in a browser using Lumira Cloud, Lumira Server for SAP HANA, Lumira Server for Teams, and the planned Lumira Server for BI Platform (currently in development). Please note, however, that the preparation of datasets within Lumira is still only possible using Lumira Desktop at this point.

Note about cross-version compatibility:

Customers are advised to be consistent with the version number of Lumira deployed in their landscape. For example, it is not recommended to have some users running Lumira 1.25 while others are running Lumira 1.26 or later. This is mainly because although files that have been saved with older versions of Lumira are supported with newer versions of Lumira, files that have been saved with newer versions of Lumira are not supported with older versions of Lumira.

For more information about Lumira, please refer to the Help Portal, or in case of any questions, you are welcome to contact us directly at

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  • Quick update: since Lumira 1.26 is not planned for general release, I have updated this blog to specify Lumira 1.27 as the first release of Lumira Desktop that will be 64-bit only.

  • I am not able download the Lumira now in Saudi Arabia. I down loaded the 1.25 trial version and was waiting to come the BW direct access support. removed 1.2 and was trying to down load 1.27. But the option is not available now.

    When contacted the store they informed not available in saudi arabia now. Can anybody explore on the planned availabiltiy in saudi arabia.

    • Hi,

      FYI - the new BW connector, is an Extension that needs to be managed (like the Universe Query Panel)


      Yes, I suspect there would be aspects the Lumira desktop experience (the home page, the extensions marketplace) that may be currently blocked by Saudi

      As I understand it, all WWW traffic into Saudi is filtered through a state-run restricted proxy, so this is broader issue than SAP as vendor.

      Perhaps you could VPN out of the country to grab it ?