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Announcing Personas Flavor Updater utility program for SAP Screen Personas 2.0

PersonasFlavorUpdater utility program is now available for Personas 2.0 SP03 (also Personas 1.0 SP05) which can update the flavor with newly added screen and control id overwrite rules. For more details, please see SAP Screen Personas knowledge base.

If you have any queries or face any issues with the program, you can post your comments below.

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  • Hi Chinthan,

    I tried downloading the program and link provided doesn't work. Can you help in downloading the program.



  • Hi Chinthan,

    I was able to run the utility program and also saw that the rules changed. However, I am not sure how to save the new archive file.

    When I click on save, all i get is the save option to save the log file and not the new *.personas archive file.

    Please advice.


    • Hi Gautam,

      When you run the tool, it will show save file dialog after the changes are done. You can save the archive using that save file dialog.



      • Hi Chinthan,

        Thank you so much for the quick response.

        I dont get the save file dialog. All I am able to do is click on the save button and that allows me to only save the log files.

        Please advise if I am missing something.


        • Check the debug logs. If you are using older version of tool then it is possible that the archive file is created in same folder as source archive file with _updated appended to the source archive name.

          Save button is only to save log file.

          • Hey Chinthan,

            Thats where I had downloaded it from 🙂 and was wondering if there was any latest version. I was given the same link in my OSS message as well.

            I am not sure how to proceed. I will try to download this again from home and see if it works. That may do the trick. I must say though, I am not sure why the save dialogue doesn't come up after running the updater, it remains a puzzle.



          • I checked the log files and didnt find anything other than the changes in the rules. Is there any where else I need to check for debug logs? I did check for the _update archive file in the same folder as my exported archive file and I didnt find any new updated archive file in it.

          • It worked when I ran the same tool from my home. I logged into VPN and then ran the tool. I am not sure what was the issue but then it worked. Thanks for the help Chinthan.