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success in SAP SD – part 1: chunking

  • How to get better at SD?
  • How to succeed in SD interviews?
  • How to impress the client?
  • How to get more learning out of each day?

Chunking is one of the solutions!

Chunking or association is used by the brain to store and access information.

Chunking is a concept which is used by professionals from various fields. I am using this technique and getting HUGE benefits.

This technique can be used by anyone and from any module!

I. What is chunking?

From the internet:


(in psychology or linguistic analysis) group together (connected items or words) so that they can be stored or processed as single concepts.

“pupils are able to chunk phrases or propositions into units”

Our technique: Link 3 to 4 points to a main-point. Every day think of the main-points, and with it go through the linked points also. Repeat this exercise and over time you will be strong in SD.

Again: One main-point, for example rebates and then 2 to 3 linked points

– configuration of rebate functionality

– mater data (creation of rebate agreement VBO1) what are the important fields?

Whenever you think about rebates, you always think about these two linked points. You will get more understanding of rebates this way, by chunking (or associating linked points)

II. How will chunking help?

Gives a direction to learning

Your learning will be purposeful. You will not wander. You know what is important and you will be looking for those pieces of information. By being purposeful, you will retain things for a longer time.

Effective utilization of time

Because of chunking, I have been able to utilize my time effectively and efficiently. At any point of the day, e.g. during travel, I can start mental exercising


Daily preparation will make you confidence. You will learn and retain the important things. This will show during job interviews and work (project work interacting with clients).

III. Preparation – making chunks

This is an important investment activity.

What should an SD analyst think about?

  1. Business processes
  2. Master data
  3. Basic Functions
  4. Transaction data

Not a day should pass by without thinking of the above 4 main-points! Make chunks for all these 4 main-points and start exercising daily.


1. Business processes

Take a group of business processes (e.g. complaints), start mental exercising:

  • What are few processes – credit, returns, subsequent delivery free
  • What happens in each process – very briefly (two line descriptions)
  • What are the order types, item categories, delivery types and billing types
  • What are the important fields – Order reason, reference mandatory. Business explanation of each of these fields

2. Master data

Take a master data – e.g. customers, start mental exercising:

  • In sales area data, what are the groups (tabs)
  • What fields are related to organization – sales office, sales group. Business example of each of these
  • What fields are relevant for pricing – customer group, price group, price list. Examples of each, you can check F4 options, provided by SAP

4. Transaction data

Create/Display an order

  • What is the description of order type? Guess what could be the process. After guessing, look into the document flow
  • What is the sales area? sales organization, distribution channel, division
  • What are the F4 options for Sales area –,
  • In press F4, what are the other options for distribution channel and division. What is the business purpose of distribution channel and division. For this read F1 help too.
  • What is the business purpose of Sales office and sales group. What are the other offices and groups, press F4

IV. Preparation – re-making chunks

This is a continuous process, if you have memorized some points, you can add some new points to be chunked with the (4) main-points. Prioritize from business point of view (what is important to business?)

V. To be discussed

Table and field level chunking

If you need any other information, any clarification, then please comment.

I am using this technique and it is benefiting me tremendously. It could be used by beginners or advanced SAP professionals.

Keep in mind, the points should prioritized and only the top ones should be chunked and then exercised regularly.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi TW,

      The article is too good and if any one follow this rule religiously than he definitely taste the flavour of success.There is no doubt.



      Author's profile photo Typewriter TW
      Typewriter TW
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks bijay! I feel this technique is not-grand or flamboyant but it will make one so much better technically, in very less time.


      Author's profile photo S M
      S M

      HI TW,

      awesome for professionals,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Chunking is really good practice. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

      Author's profile photo NIharika Misra
      NIharika Misra


      A very informative and very good article.

      This really helped me to make my strong action plan during my internship. Yes, I recently cleared my certification in SAP SD (after 5 years of domain knowledge and end user experience) and started with internship with the same authorized training partner which is for 3 moths duration simultaneously searching for a break into sap world.

      Request you to please guide. I am following the study materials TSCM60_1,and TSCM62 series. practicing the exercises. Repeatedly doing it with a lots of R&D. Self learning is going on.

      Very thankful to you. your article is like a hope in SAP ocean for me.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Niharika.. there are few companies who are hiring SAP certified freshers. Please be in contact with your SAP authorised partner and sure they will show you some good opportunities. But, you have to hang on

      Apart from that, try to actively participate in SD forums which will help you to gain indepth knowledge in clearing interviews.. I am also SD certified and placed from authorised partner. All the best

      Author's profile photo NIharika Misra
      NIharika Misra

      Thank you Suresh for your reply!

      Yes Now-a-days i am doing this only along with active in job portals with practice in sap more and more. Lets see when life will give me a break...

      Congratulations to you and wish you all the very best for your brightest career.

      I would like to request you to please share some interview tips.

      Thanks and regards,


      Author's profile photo Typewriter TW
      Typewriter TW
      Blog Post Author


      Repeatedly doing it with a lots of R&D. Self learning is going on.

      You are preparing in the best way! keep doing this.

      I am doing these things too, my main books are TSCM60, 62 and Glynn C Williams.

      Some threads in SCN can help you revise your theory for example Access not executed while creating an output, but requirement is blank for output determination. Search for these type of threads. Also documents explaining processes are very helpful for example Third-party process overview


      added: as mentioned in this blog, create transaction data every day. check through the various tabs of customer master and material master. this will be beneficial.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi TW,

                Nice shall use this to learn.


      Author's profile photo Qaiser Rafique
      Qaiser Rafique

      HI TW,
      This article is one piece of Advice. I am start following the chunking methodology now on for every single day and i am sure its gonna work out for me.

      Kind Regards