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Message Flow Monitoring | setup and usage

For some time now, I have been thinking about a way to allow functional people to monitor processes and message flows, but without letting them use SAP PO. In the past, PI monitoring came close and was not bad at all. But now, my requirements are completely covered using Message Flow Monitoring on SAP Solution Manager. This is what functional people need!

We use a SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 system in conjunction with a SAP PO 7.4 SP09 system.


SAP PI 7.31 SP07 or higher and SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP09 or higher. Also, make sure all MFmon related OSS notes are implemented, depending on your Solution Manager’s SP level. More information can be found -> Relevant SAP Notes.

For all managed ABAP systems to be monitored with Message Flow Monitoring, make sure

  • ST-PI 2008_1_* plugin SP08 or higher is installed
  • In the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center, the Managed System Configuration scenario has been performed.

You have set up Integration Visibility and run a discovery of your PI system landscape.

In case you need more (specific) setup details, please do let me know


On the SAP Solution Manager system, take transaction SOLMAN_SETUP…


… and follow the guided procedure.


All the steps in the guided procedure are very straight forward. For that reason, I will not go into detail.

Keep in mind that the Flow Maintenance (5) and Flow Group Maintenance (6) steps are imported. Here you build up your monitoring looks and provide names for an Integrated Scenario or a group of Integrated Scenarios.

Helpful extras

  • Once the setup was finished, I found out that the reporting part was not working at all. To enable it, please do the following: take transaction SICF, put in the field Service Name the value solmanlib and activate that service. Do the same for service name wda_e2eem_mf_overview
  • More information on (specific) Message Flow Monitoring authorizations can be found in a PDF document
  • Be aware of the payload part. You need to define User-Defined Message Search items on your SAP PO system. Only those ones will be visible.
    Have a look at the screenshots below.

An impression

general overview…


Again a general overview, but slightly different look


General overview with more details displayed.


Specific flow with all relevant details and payload


The flow track, in graphical modus, with the different systems involved.

For each system, a message status is available.


Reporting overview


Reporting details


Reporting details with a legend next to it


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  • Hi Dimitri,

    All setup within PI is done correctly.

    But when I am trying to set it up within SOLMAN, I have issues during the subscription phase and it only says "runtime component Error" (Step 6 : Flow Maintenance group).

    Any ideas or leads ?


    • Hi Jean-Philippe,

      I guess you check the prerequisites?

      Can you elaborate more on the error? Perhaps provide more error details?

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Dimitri,

        Yes I think the pre requisites are done :

        - ST-PI 740 0001 in my managed system

        - SICF solmanlib activated

        - Integration visibility actived within PI and all green.

        - Discovery is working within SolMan and PI. I can see my interfaces :

        - Only step users creation has not be done but it is optional.

        - I have checked in SLG1 for this specific object and the error message is not really "useful" :


        My main issue is that I don't find a place where I could have an error message helping me to find the root cause of it...

        • strange behavior. I did not face any error during the process and have not an idea where your error could be from. Perhaps open an OSS call? Maybe SAP can find it.

          • Hi Dimitri,

            I have corrected an error that was coming from SAP PI.

            Now I can open the Message Flow monitoring but I have this error :


            I need to check roles but I don't really know what I am missing since I should have most of possible roles assigned to my user...

            And when I am trying to troubleshoot also, I can see these errors but I don't understand as BW objects are activated :


            Any clues please ?

          • authorizations are tricky. Have a look at the PDF referenced in this blog.

            Also, open an extra SAPGui window. Next, do your thing within MFmon.

            Go back to the extra window and open transaction SU53. You will see exactly what you need.

          • Hi Alexander,

            There was some authorizations issues. Configuration in PFCG wasnot done correctly on object SM_MFM_FG.
            You have a pdf that is very useful in this blog regarding authorizations,


  • Hello together,

    when I'm trying to subscribe a message flow group I'm getting the following error.

    It means "Web-Service-Error during subscribtion"..


    Does anyone know this error?

  • Hi Dimitri,

    I just configure Message Flow in our solman 7.1 SP14 and everything seems to be just fine. The groups are listed in Flow Overview, In the Message Flows sections de individual flows instances are shown and the details too. As I said, everything looks just fine. But I have some strange behavior. I configured a group with 2 Flows and at first looks fine, but then I defined UDS Fields in both flows. The payload shows ok the fields defined, but here is the thing: If I mark the flows as related using the UDS fields the group just disappear from flows list in the overview. I created a second group with the same 2 flows without the relation between the flows and the new group shows fine in the overview, as a test i make the relation again in the second group and this disappear again. Other problem is that if I delete the relation the group still missigng in the list, even when the flows looks fine individually in the message flows detail, the group is not listed in the overview. The only solution is to delete de group and create another without creating the relation between flows.

    Any Idea of what could be the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards. Gustavo Balboa