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Configuring LDAP – A Basic Tutorial

In this tutorial we will setup a basic LDAP structure using Apache Directory Studio. This tutorial will be the basic for my blog “How to use LDAP Authentication on SAP Mobile Platform 3“.


Apache Directory Studio

Setup LDAP Server on Windows

  1. Download and install Apache Directory Studio

Create LDAP Server

  1. Open Apache Directory Studio
  2. In the LDAP servers tab, click on New Server icon and choose ApacheDS 2.0.0.

     IGWREST_15 Apr. 02 14.04.jpg

     IGWREST_15 Apr. 02 14.05.jpg

     3. Click on Finish, it will create LDAP Server.

     4. Right click on the server and choose Run.

     IGWREST_25 Apr. 03 15.29.jpg

Create a Connection for LDAP Server

     1. Right click on created server and select Create a Connection. It creates a new connection.

      IGWREST_17 Apr. 02 14.09.jpg

     2. Go to Connections panel.

     3. Double-click on the connection “ApacheDS 2.0.0”.

         The LDAP Browser should show the contents on the server.

      IGWREST_25 Apr. 03 15.47.jpg

Create User on LDAP Server

     1. Navigate to ou-users. Right-click on ou-users. Select New, then select New Entry.

IGWREST_18 Apr. 02 14.17.jpg


         Entry Creation Method window will appear.

      IGWREST_18 Apr. 02 14.18.jpg

     2. Select Create entry from scratch. Click Next. The Object Classes window will appear.

      IGWREST_19 Apr. 02 14.18.jpg

     3. Find inetOrgPerson object and double-click on it. Then click Next.

         Distinguished Screen Window appears. Enter values as given below:

     IGWREST_19 Apr. 02 14.19.jpg

     On RDN field enter uid and on the value field field enter “midhun“.

     4. Click Next. Attributes window will appear.

     5. Enter values “system administrator” and “administrator” respectively for fields cn and sn. To enter the values double-click on the empty field next to cn and sn.

     IGWREST_19 Apr. 02 14.21.jpg

     6. Right click on the same window and select New Attribute.

     7. On Attribute type field enter userPassword. This will be the password of the user.

    IGWREST_20 Apr. 02 14.21.jpg

     8. Click Next, then click on Finish.

     9. It will prompt to enter password. Set a new password.

    IGWREST_20 Apr. 02 14.22.jpg

     10. Click OK, then click on Finish.

    IGWREST_21 Apr. 02 14.22.jpg

     Under ou=users a new entry was created.

     IGWREST_25 Apr. 03 16.24.jpg

Add user to Administrator Group

     1. Navigate to ou=groups. Double-click on cn=Administrators. Right-click anywhere on the the window and select New Attribute.

        The Attribute Type Window will appear.

      IGWREST_25 Apr. 04 09.31.jpg

     2. On Attribute type field enter uniqueMember.

      IGWREST_25 Apr. 03 16.26.jpg

     3. Click on Finish.

     4. Enter value uid=midhun,ou=users,ou=system under uniqueMember field. Done!!

IGWREST_25 Apr. 03 16.44.jpg

For a quick test use the LDAP Admin tool and provide the credentials and test connection.

IGWREST_25 Apr. 03 20.17.jpg

Configure LDAP on SAP Mobile Platform

LDAP is supported by SMP, you can configure LDAP for mobile applications as well as to login to SMP Admin Cockpit. In my blog How to use LDAP on SMP 3 I am explaining how to authenticate from a mobile app using LDAP credentials.

Regards, Midhun

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