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PowerDesigner day in Europe, anyone?

Well, ISUG-TECH has just finished in Atlanta, we had 12 PD sessions so a lot of material was covered.

I’m thinking of organising a PowerDesigner day in Europe later in the year, perhaps in September. Would you be interested in attending such an event?

If so, what content would you like to see? How far would you be prepared to travel? Would you be prepared to tell us what you’re doing with PD? How much would you be prepared to pay for such an event?

Here’s a suggestion – we could hold it in Hamburg on September 30th, immediately after Data Modelling Zone – what do you think of that option?

Alternatively, I could probably find a sponsor in London prepared to host it.

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  • Hi George, from our end I can definitely say: if such event will take place, out company will attend.I think Germany would be a quite good location, but I think it's easier to reach Munich or Frankfurt as these are the main hubs... Regards, Rafal

    • We would need to have a sponsor to provide facilities for this meeting. Do you know any PD customers in Munich or Frankfurt that could sponsor us?

      • I know some customers in Frankfurt, I don't know any in Munich. It depends what is needed for such an event, but we could imagine to host it in Cologne as well (we have 2 buildings there) if necessary. This requires of course some further discussions...

  • An update for you all:

    I have a sponsor in London prepared to host a PD day.

    I'm having a couple of discussions about possible sponsorship for Hamburg.

    If you're prepared to speak, please let me know.

    • @Didier Thanks for the offer - a trip to Paris could tempt PD people out of the UK via Eurostar.

      @ everyone else - is Paris is an accessible location for you?

  • SAP have agreed to provide a venue at their offices in Paris, with a local SAP speaker, and PD content. We'll also have refreshments, a raffle, and some content of our own.

    I have a volunteer willing to talk to us about using PD for Enterprise Architecture, and I'm looking for more volunteers.

    To make this a successful event, we need a mixture of people like me who can tell you how to use PD, and people willing to tell us about how they've made use of PowerDesigner in their organisation, the benefits, the problems - real case studies.

    If there are no more volunteers, I'll have to dig out some of my presentations from ISUG in Atlanta 😎 .


  • Sorry for the long silence. As I mentioned before, SAP are willing to host the event in Paris, but it's taking a very long time to organise. Nothing will happen this month, it's August in Paris, and the city is closed 😎 .

    I think we should hold the event before Paris cools down for the winter, and avoid clashing with Data Modelling Zone, which is in Hamburg on September 28-29, and in the US the following week.

    We have speaking offers from people from all over Europe who can talk about Data Vault, other Data Warehousing experience, Enterprise Architecture, HANA, and extending PowerDesigner. Other offers are still welcome.

    My proposed date, which needs to be confirmed with SAP, is Monday September 21st. Please can you indicate whether or not this is a good date for you.

    I'm going to blog and tweet about this, using the Twitter hashtag pddayeu. Please pass it on.