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LawNote ™ – Executive Summary

Legal Vistas Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a body corporate currently registered in India and based in New Delhi. The board currently consists of Lawyer, investor and IT professional. The company has 80 years of collective experience.

The domain addressed is legal with IT as secondary industry. The solution has now been developed on SAP-HANA platform. The solution addresses space in dispute resolution, management of cases and grievance handling with legal documents repository.

The space for this solution is seen from global market and the growing space in public sector in places like India and many other countries in Asia, Africa. It does not preclude the developed nations. The exiting solutions today by Vendors are either from US perspective of General Counsel’s office or from pure court cases management. Increasing growth of internet poses both opportunity and solution to issues arising from growth of internet capacity across globe.

LawNote is the current solution built on SAP HANA® with Web Based user Interface (UI5) which addresses end to end process in life cycle of legal issues affecting businesses and board alike. Some of the features it entails are risk analysis, text based analytics and wide search for documents spread across geographically and logistically. The decision to opt for HANA comes precisely for this text analytics and to look at global spread of enterprise issues to be dealt by the Solution.

The three modules are pre-Litigation, Litigation and document. All the three modules have the connectivity with data retrieval from each other and logic flows.

  The core thinking is to address wide spread information to be managed centrally through this application with multiple people interacting at different access levels. The interface of the external users shall facilitate the customization of legal document issues required at global scale today whether these are visa related, travel, family related, claims etc.


Business value 

Legacy systems and digitalization become increasingly complex when domain is Legal. The common perception of legal issues is conflict. These set of conflicts need to be mitigated and managed well on their trigger points.

Our current solution LawNote provide management of Macro and Micro trigger levels for legal issues at Enterprise level. The end to end solution is much desired to address interplay of multiple players, inter-department collaboration, and bringing a centralized overview.

In contrast, today under legacy system many of man hours and efforts are typically wasted. The workforce energy is absorbed in managing the paper work and the movement of countless files. Not to forget the space for storage. The quest for solution in a proactive manner is only filled by the efficiency at individual levels in Enterprise.

Thus an asynchronous approach to Legal and dispute management in paper system and legacy systems very often fail at potentials risks involved. 

  The increasing globalization is a major factor which presses businesses/governments alike, to look for timely analysis and calculation of risks and threats that at enterprise level.


Key Features


  • Digitalize Court cases Management
  • Interactive portal based solution for Courts
  • Supports Intra Courts, Inter-Courts/Tribunals/Legal bodies at various levels and Jurisdictions, Inter-Agencies and Courts scenarios.
  • Utilities on Title Search and cases pending search.
  • Knowledge management of the case processes.


  • Tracking legal issues affecting business and risks associated
  • Inter organization collaboration
  • Cutting down and management of the Cases, documents  (business and other sets of documents)
  • Better knowledge management
  • Real Time analytics powered by SAP HANA


Technical impact


LawNote is completely built on SAP HANA, with SAP UI5 as the front end. UIs are completely browser based and are responsive.


  LawNote is built on SAP HANAs scalable and performant architecture. Front end is built on SAP UI5 and follows MVC pattern. UI is responsive and provides similar user experience across multiple devices. Business logic is encapsulated in XSJS services.


Customer Testimonials

Our Pan-India spread of offices entail Legal cases and issues which require immediate attention from different set of verticals like sales, compliance, business development. Board is always keen to track the risks involved. Our company was looking for solution which can address and appropriately fill for individual dependencies. Today with this software LawNote our organization have most of the tasks organized, compliances across group companies (nineteen in all)are easy to handle with central view available to board and executives alike through the solution. The element of risk and exposure is critical and designed well. The new HANA capability will improve text basis analytics for Users.

Suman Kumar, Head Legal and Compliance, SMC Global Ltd.

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      Author's profile photo Anthony Waite
      Anthony Waite

      Is this solution utilizing the Full-Text Search or Text Analysis in SAP HANA features? It is not clear to me. Thanks

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Anthony,

      LawNote incorporates the Full - Text Search feature of SAP HANA.



      Author's profile photo Anthony Waite
      Anthony Waite

      Thanks Deepak for getting back with me so quickly. Cheers

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Some questions:

      how was the document formatting taken care of ?

      For instance text columns/groups of texts that do not flow typical end to end left to rigth

      ....what pre formatting techniques/tools were used?

      Author's profile photo Dan Everett
      Dan Everett

      I am curious how you get data into HANA. SLT, Data Services, Replication Server HANA smart data access/integration, something else?

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dan,

      LawNote is also a transactional application. One source of getting data into HANA is application itself as you can create records within the application and have a analysis of them.

      But for importing data into HANA from other sources as if now we are doing it via scripts or importing csv files. But in future we may plan for some data provisioning tool.

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Dan Everett
      Dan Everett

      Thanks Deepak