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iXML Cheat Sheet

One of my maiden attempts at creating an excel output in SAP, was using the iXML method.

I found plenty of resources across SCN and other sites which explained how to create an excel.

But what I had trouble with was finding the right attributes to suit my requirements.

Below, I have noted down the attributes that I had used in my developments from my experience.

This is an attempt to add and accumulate all the attributes developers to add to / correct the below attributes.

Sr. No

Element Attribute Values Use Child of

Things to Note

1 Border Position Bottom
Bottom Border Position
Left Border Position
Top Border Position
Right Border Position
2 LineStyle Continuous
Continuous Border
Dotted Border
3 Weight < Any Numeric Value > Weight of the border line
4 Data Type String
Cell contains string data
Cell contains numeric data. (Needed to perform numeric calculations)
5 Cell StyleID < Name of style > Apply style to cell Row
6 Index < Any Numeric Value > Numeric position of cell
7 MergeAcross < Any Numeric Value > Merge cells horizontally It is mandatory to specify indexes if you are using MergeAcross
8 MergeDown < Any Numeric Value > Merge cells vertically If you do a MergeDown, it is not required to create a row explicitly for the subsequent row, but it is required to specify atleast one cell in the following row using an index
9 Font FontName < Required font installed in system> Apply a font to a style Style
10 Bold 1
< space >
Bold font
Normal font
11 Underline Single
Single Underline
Double Underline
12 Color < Any color name or hex value > Apply color to font
13 Size < Any Numeric Value > Change font size
14 Alignment Horizontal Left
Align text left horizontally
Align text right horizontally
Align text center horizontally
15 Vertical Top
Align text top vertically
Align text bottom vertically
Align text center vertically
16 Workbook xmlns < xml name space to be used > Part of open office specification. Document
17 Style ID < Any Name > Assign name to your style Styles
18 NumberFormat Format < example ‘0.00’ >
<example ‘0,000.00’>
Set the number format in the cell Style Should be preceeded with a format attribute with value ‘@’
If you do not specify the number of decimals, no decimals will be displayed
19 Worksheet Name < any name > Name to be assigned to the worksheet Root
20 Table FullColumns 1 or 0 Display and use all columns Worksheet
21 FullRows 1 or 0 Display and use all rows
22 Column Width < Any Numeric Value > Set column width Table

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      Srijan Bhatia

      good Job !!