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To upload excel data to a BO having header level and item level elements.



Generally requirements come in which Data is to be uploaded to a Standard BO (Eg: Sales Order, Purchase Order etc). But I am using a custom BO which contains HEADER LEVEL ELEMENTS and ITEM LEVEL ELEMENTS. The concept is same for both Standard and Custom BO. The BO am using is shown above.


  1. It is not possible to upload excel for a BO (MAIN BO) containing a header level and item level elements. So we are going to create a Custom BO (Secondary BO) with the same fields as the Main BO and all the elements will be put in the same level.Secondary BO.png
  2. Now the concept is to create a SERVICE INTEGRATION for the secondary BO (i.e upload excel for the secondary BO) and a code must be written in EVENT-BEFORE-SAVE of the secondary BO which will enter the data in the Main BO.

I am using SERIAL_NO as ALTERNATIVE KEY, since SO_ID will contain duplicates for secondary BO when we make entry for each item level elements as shown below.

Excel Upload.png

  3. In the EVENT-BEFORE-SAVE of the Secondary BO we will write the following code. Comments are also provided.

Event Before Save 1.png


Event Before Save 2.png

  4. After making a file input through Application User Management -> File Input, we can see the data entered in both the BOs i.e. MAIN BO and Secondary BO.

Secondary BO entry.png

Data entry in Secondary BO.

Main BO entry.png

Data entry in MAIN BO.


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  1. Former Member

    Dear  Shabaz,

    thanks for your post. Do you know whether we can modify data with file input?

    Is there any way other than using webservice?

    Thank you

    Best regards



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