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A New SAP Support – SAP One Support Launchpad

I was trying to find out some notes for one of my Fiori application and I came around this new support page. Seems SAP is fiorifying whole world. 😉 And I asked myself, yes why not. Why to complicate things 😀

You can access new SAP Support :

Once you login with your S-UserId :

You would be taken to the welcome page ..








You can also click on Launch Notes Search or Contact SAP Support.


Yes the advantage definitely would be :

1. Easy and userfriendly way of raising support tickets/or searching the incidents.

2. Easy way of responding to OSS messages.

3. Now you can access through a mobile device too on the go 🙂

Happy OSSsssing 😉



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  • Did you notice you have incidents list of all emploees of your company and you're not able to filter just only yours?

    I'm trying to figure out now how to inform SAP about that. There is no such brach here on SCN.

    • Hi Petr

      This is logged in with company s-user id, so will show actions pending from every user who use the same s-userid.

      Getting customer id for each user would be difficult

      Best regards


      • The deal is: my company provides separate S-id for each employee.

        In my case that means that in the old I have only my incidents in My inbox section. Here I couldn't do this.

        And actually I see incidents from different S-users. Seriously looks like a mess =) But very handsome mess with pretty nice UI.

          • Hi Tejas,

            Incidents tile should be described as 'search incident' as it reads data from the section of incidents search for the customer to which S-user is assigned (not from your inbox).

            Generally: very nice Fiori-based UI with reasonable performance (like for Fiori 🙂


  • Hi,

    I have 2 questions -

    1. Is it a cloud-based solution (Fiori Launchpad on HANA Cloud Platform) or on premise?

    2. Does it replace any other solutions which you already have for support site?



    • Hi Inbal,

      Basically its a support portal also available in fiori form. You can say that this is cloud based, because you are connecting to Service market place.

      I have not researched on all the features, but this covers most of them like searching notes or creating incidents



    • Hi Petr,

      Agree, its always connecting me to HDB for search.

      Not sure whom to contact,but for time being i use : 🙂



  • when you edit a message, how to change the status to "send to sap" from "partner Customer action" ???

    We have HIGH priority messages we can not send to sap !!!

    Please HELP

  • Unable to print an Incident from Launchpad, switching to legacy application shows no incident that is raised using launchpad.



  • Hi…Everyone

    I got an error while upgrading SAP B1 8.82 PL4 to SAP B1 9.2 PL6 as per following.

    “Dashboard packages – This entry already exists in the following tables (-2035)”

    I also tried to upgrade first SAP B1 8.82 PL4 to SAP B1 9.2 PL3 but problem as it is.

    Please help me out regarding the error.


    Sumit Pithva