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Useful QM documents on SCN

I’m listing the QM documents I find useful in the SCN space.  Will try to update it regularly.


General SCN rules and documents:…




Trouble shooting Notes and posts:

How to find the suitable notes/KBAs

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ QM

10 Most viewed Notes from Quality Management

Often used QM notes

5 Most viewed KBAs from Quality Management



SAP Standard QM Report

Plant Maintenance Tables (PM/CS/QM)

Useful Customization Transactions for SAP Quality Management (QM) Module

User Exits – SAP QM

How to make field as input,required,display only and hidden.

S/4HANA news

SAP S/4HANA Release 1610 Innovations: Extended Warehouse Management and Quality Management

QM process:

Quality Control of Geochemical Samples in Mining Industry

QM processes in Oil and Gas Industry- Feedback

QM processes in Oil and Gas Industry Part 2

Cutover Stock Migration with QM approach form As-Is to To-Be system

Customer issue management Via QM

Line Rejection

Key Quality Management Configuration for Integration with Other Logistic Modules

Source Inspection Through Internet Results Recording

Vendor-end Quality Inspection Process

Quality Calculation in Vendor Evaluation (MM) – SAP

Calibration process mapping in SAP


Inspections using Multiple Specification

Inspection with batch classification

Learn about how Johns Manville has implemented and is using Quality Issue Management


QM-PT(Quality Planning)

QM/Characteristics/Specifications/Classification – Blog 1

QM/Characteristics/Specifications/Classification – Blog 2

QM/Characteristics/Specifications/Classification – Blog 3

Manufacturer Part Profile in QM

Linking MIC to Class Characteristic

SAP QM Master Inspection Characteristic Architectures

Control indicators in QPMK and storage in field QPMK-STEUERKZ

Physical Samples Management in SAP QM

Maintaining Catalogs – Creating Code Groups

ALE settings for Quality Management Master Data

QM-IM-IL (Inspection lot creation)

Recurring Inspection process in SAP QM

Recurring Inspection process with Batch

[PRODTST]Inspection lot creation: Recurring inspection

Inspection Lot Origin (Types) for Various Material Movement Types

Deactivating Inspection lot creation form MvT 107 without impacting the functionality for MvT 109

Inspection after Goods Receipt for Production Order

In-process inspection in Discrete Manufacturing

Audit Inspection (Inspection Type 07)

Inspection lot creation for return sales order

Inspection lot creation : sample size calculation

HOT FIX: Note 2186161 – Goods movement cancellation does not cancel inspection lot


QM-IM-RR (Result recording)

Calculation of Standard deviation, Cp & Cpk in SPC

Inspection Points: Key settings and Usage

Control Charts and Process Control in SAP, a White Paper By Shashank Shekhar, Deloitte Consulting

Control charts in SAP QM


QM-IM-UD (Usage Decision)

Reversal of Usage Decision and Stock Posting of Inspection Lot

Stock Posting during UD, of Non-QI stock

Auto Usage Decision

Usage decision with HUM and WM active: Part-I

Usage decision with HUM and WM active: Part-II

QM-QC(Quality Control)

Dynamic Modification of Inspection Scope, a White Paper By Shashank Shekhar, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Basic Steps to Create Dynamic Modification Rule

Common issues during dynamic modification


QM-QN (Quality Notification)

FAQ: Assigned Objects in Quality Notification

Use of assigned object functionality in QN

User-fields in Catalog Tabs of Notifications – QQMA0008,10,11 and 12

User-Fields in PM/CS/QM Notifications : Screen-Exit QQMA0001


QM-CA(Quality Certificates)

COA Programs – Why are they being changed?

Guidelines for Creating a QM Certificate for Delivery in Product Lifecycle Management

Quality Management – Certificate of Analysis – Step by Step 

QM-ST(Stability study)

Stability Study with SAP Quality Management



DMS- How to Store documents in a Remotely located system Via SAP

Basic steps of report generation by query with example and scenario


If you want to learn more about QM, you may want to follow the following experts:

Craig S

Natalia Machado

Nitin Jinagal


You can also find more useful documents in the QM WIKI page:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


If you are also interested in PP(Production Planning), have a look at the following post:

Useful documents on SCN

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      Thanks lot Nancy Guo. These are very useful documents...

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      Vignesh Veerasamy


      Nice documentation @nancyguo.Continue your good work.


      Author's profile photo Natalia Machado
      Natalia Machado

      Hi Nancy,

      Awesome compilation, there is very useful documents here!

      Thank you for mentioned me 😀

      Kind regards,


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      Hi Nancy,

           Very useful document.


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      Hi Nancy,

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      Aditya S

      Thanks Nancy for the great initiative. Thanks Again.

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      K Jogeswara Rao

      Thank you Nancy for finding my document suitable to be included in this useful post. May also consider this document (equally important for QM): User-Fields in QM and PM/CS Notifications : Screen-Exit QQMA0001



      Author's profile photo Nitin Jinagal
      Nitin Jinagal

      I guess I wrote three documents, and I'm glad all of them made it to this post.

      Thanks 🙂


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      swapnil rajane

      Hi Nancy,

      Its really appreciable.Thanks for the efforts you put for this.



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      Krishna Madduri

      Hi Nancy,

      It's a very useful document. Thank you for all the efforts you put-in.

      I think the following experts may also be added to the list viz.

      Sujit Gujarathi

      Nitin Jinagal

      Anand Rao


      Krishna M

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      Abhishek Rajauria

      Thanks Nancy

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      Thanks Nancy!

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      Rohit Singh

      Hi Nancy,

      Great efforts on QM space for consolidating all documents together. I am following your similar documents in other spaces as well.

      If possible, please use color other than red for highlighting points in such documents. Red looks like error/warning to most of us 🙂



      Author's profile photo Nancy Guo
      Nancy Guo
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rohit,

      Thank you for the suggestion. I've changed the color to blue. 😉

      Best regards,


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      Thank you Nancy!

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      thank you so much Nancy, for these awesome notes

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      Hi Nancy, You are really Great.



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      Great job.

      Thank you for sharing such a helpful list.


      S Ahmed

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      Muhammad Ali Asim

      Hi Nancy,

      Many thanks for the list.

      If possible can you please update with the list QM tables.



      Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao
      K Jogeswara Rao

      May be this post also is relevant to be a part. Plant Maintenance Tables (PM/CS/QM)

      Author's profile photo Nancy Guo
      Nancy Guo
      Blog Post Author

      added to the list.

      Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao
      K Jogeswara Rao

      Thank you Nancy,


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      nittala sreenivas

      Thank you very much once again for compiling QM module topics as well.

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      Kalyan Chakravarthi

      Hi Nancy,

      Very good and useful documents. Thanks for sharing.

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      Chitrakshi Amin

      Hello Nancy..

      Please consider this document as well...This is very useful...

      Stability Study with SAP Quality Management

      Thanks and Regards,

      Chitrakshi Amin

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      Hi  Nancy Guo

      i think r u going good. can u pls upload the FMEA blogs

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      Very useful Blog. Thanks Nancy.