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Exchanging ST12 traces as files

You need to exchange ST12 trace with your counterpart (e.g. SAP support).

You have created traces in transaction ST12 as described here:

Single Transaction Analysis (ST12) – getting started []

or here

ST12 – tracing user requests (Tasks & HTTP) []

To store your trace into file, perform the following:

  1. Start transaction ST13
  2. Enter tool name: ANALYSISBROWSER
  3. Execute (F8)
  4. Select your analysis


  5.  Select menu: Download -> Text file download -> Export to frontend


   6.  Enter file name and format (leave ASC), click Transfer.


To upload the trace from the file, perform the following steps:

  1. Repeat steps 1 – 3 from above.
  2. Select menu: Download -> Text file download -> Import from frontend


  3.  Select your file (e.g. D:\trace1.trc) and click Open

  4.  Click “Yes” on Import Analysis popup.


Hint: When exchanging the traces files don’t forget to compress them. You can use RAR or ZIP archivers for that.

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