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What’s New in Integration

This blog gives you the latest information on what’s new in integration, so you can stay up to date on SAP on-premise integration features with every release of SAP Cloud for Customer(C4C), starting with the 1502 release. Check back here regularly to see what’s new or subscribe to this blog.

Simplification in C4C Integration Collateral

Check out this blog to see how integration information is now organized for easy consumption.

What’s New in Integration

1511 Release

SAP Cloud for Customer now offers standard integration content with the following SAP applications:

1508 Release

Want to get a peak into what is coming in August 2015.

Check out the preview here .

1505 Release

This release saw majority of improvement in ERP integration. A sample list of features available on integrating SAP Cloud for Customer (Cloud) with SAP ERP is as below:

  • Replicate attachments of quotes and orders
  • Edit sales order
  • Provide material substitution in the quote through an external pricing call
  • Enable external pricing for service ticket
  • Replicate customer part numbers to Cloud

On integrating Cloud with SAP CRM, you can now replicate trade promotions, and will now have ERP IDs in Account, Contact and Material Replication. For example, this helps customers who have integration with both CRM and ERP, to uniquely identify their accounts.

Features supported in both CRM and ERP integration are: download ID mapping excel, and data privacy.

You can find an overview in the what’s new here .

1502 Release

This release was packed with many updates. To name a few in ERP integration, you can now:

  • View the sales document flowchart, and also preview the sales documents in the docflow
  • Check end to end connectivity through the connectivity report
  • Replicate international addresses
  • Create orders and quotes directly in ERP instead of creating a request first
  • Determine free goods if any, run credit status and ATP checks
  • Replicate sales orders
  • Send advance shipments and returns as part of work ticket integration
  • View customer fact sheet in the PDF format, and much more

To name a few in CRM integration, you can now:

  • View the sales document flowchart, and also preview the sales documents in the docflow
  • Check end to end connectivity through the connectivity report
  • Determine free goods if any, run credit status and ATP checks
  • View customer fact sheet in the PDF format, and much more

You can find an overview of the what’s new here.

Quick Start Guides

Here is an attempt to showcase functional information about select features through the quick start guide. This guide will give you an overview of a few features and lists key configuration activities that should be performed to help you set up a feature. It does not detail out information on how to set up integration, as it is already covered in the integration guides on SAP Service Marketplace.

For example, you are an existing integration customer, and would like to know how to set up account 360 integration. The Account 360 chapter in the quick start guide will give you a business overview of account 360, and highlights key configuration activities to be performed in C4C, ERP and the middleware.

You can access the quick start guides on SAP Service Marketplace. Look for Integration: Quick Start Guide.


This is a pilot effort on select features, and your feedback is most welcome. Feel free to write back if you face issues, so these can be captured in the next version of the guide. Also, if you prefer to read such documents on other features, send us your request by adding a comment in this blog.


Tips from Development

Developers who are busy building the integration content are now also writing blogs, to connect with customers and partners on the integration topic. Here are a few topics for a deep dive:

Next ones in line:

  • Territory replication
  • Prospect to customer in ERP (now part of quick start guide)
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  • This is a great idea as I have found it harder to keep track of new integration features release after release.

    I have just checked on the service marketplace @C4C but could not find the Integration Quick Start guide. Have you posted it?

  • Thanks, Sapna!!

    I hope everyone will check out the new quick start guide.   There is a section in the business partner replication that discusses prospect management.  Would love to get some feedback on that - we developed it with our consulting team.  Ankur Godre and Chandan Bankar would love to have your feedback and input.  You, too, Tim Chang!!

    • Hi Sapna/Ginger,

      This is a good starting point for making the integration more comprehensive!

      Although, I have not read through the guide completely, however the Account-Prospect functionality I can say can become a pain in integration projects...This new functionality will give good options for meeting customer expectation around Account-Prospect functionality to choose from.

      My two cents would be: If the email sending functionality too can be automated based on the conditions,for ex: when an Account has to be created in ERP by Master data team, it would be an excellent feature if a small email sending functionality can be added in that screen itself, something like: when Account needs to be created in ERP, you get a pop-up with an option to send email with basic details of the Account from C4C in the email context. This would reduce any manual effort and also any human errors since al the relevant information will be populated from C4C itself into the email.

      This would make this functionality completely automated & I think this would be a key driving point to have more robust adoption of this functionality.




  • Hi Sapna,

    In the latest 1502 documentation and tenant, we cannot find iflows for installed base / registered products but only manual upload for registered products.

    Just wondering if you can share some roadmap information re when a standard C4C installed base/registered product integration will be available for CRM (and ECC)?

    Any integration planned for 1508?



    • It is planned for 1508 the general availability an ERP master data replication iFlow to copy ERP Functional Locations and Equipments to C4C Installed Bases, Installation Points, and Registered Products. As suggested, the C4C Installation Point BO and its UIs is also planned for general availability for 1508.

  • Ginger,

    When "replicating the order from Cloud into ERP", are you keeping same number or creating a "parallel" order?

    Kindly clarify.

    Thanks and regards.


  • Hi Sapna,

    The latest release that this blog talks about is 1511. Is  this blog still being updated with new release content or is there some other location to get this updated info.