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GST Audit File (GAF) creation

Hello Everyone,

I am currently developing a concept on how to fulfill the requirements for the GST Audit File. While looking into it, I can understand why SAP is not delivering a standard solution until now, at least the information I have presently available as requirements from the RMCD (“GUIDE TO ENHANCE YOUR ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE TO BE GST COMPLIANT”) leaves some gray areas. For instance:

  • Which vendor (“Purchase”) and customer (“Supply”) financial data to use. Open/cleared items, only items with tax codes, handling of manual repostings, etc.
  • Is there a possibility for a test upload at RMCD to check the compliance of the extracted file?
  • Is there a preference for XML or bar-separated files?
  • Shall items on the lowest level of segments be duplicated, e.g. for a sales invoice with multiple products/services?

For the time being, I can work with assumptions and eventually clarify the items with the tax advisors. What is also an important design decision at the beginning is how to generate this report. I see the following two options:

  1. Creating a custom report fully from scratch;
  2. Using the Data Medium Workbench with Tree Type UMS1 to cover the most tax-relevant information. Items not covered in the source structure – like G/L data for the “LEDGER” segment – through user exits;

The question on top yet closely related to the two options is whether the data from existing tables and structures is to be used or to create proper DART extracts. This surely is more work but also offers extends the possibility for testing and archiving.

I am looking forward to your comments!

Best Regards,


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  • Dear fellow SCN Members,

    since I saw you in former discussions on the GST Audit File (GAF) topic, I would like to draw your attention to my blog post and would highly value your comments. Since my direct approach to you here is unsolicited, I will keep it to this one-time exercise.

    Best Regards and Thanks in advance,

    Kee Seng (John) CHIN

    Suresh Subbanarahari

    Suresh Subbanarahari

    Ajay Krishna Uniyal

    Chee Hui Ong

    Firdaus Mah

    Tuck Yong Lai


    Mohd Yani Tarihhuddin

    Yoshitada Kaneko

    Yoshitada Kaneko

    Soumya Rao

    • Thanks for sharing on MY GAF approach, currently in our company we have yet come out with a solution, is there any information from the MY government if there is other alternative than producing the GAF for audit purpose? Will SAP eventually provide the GAF solution as a whole that we could eventually make use of?

      • Hello and thanks for your reply.

        I participated in an SAP 'Meet-the-Expert' event in February 2015, it was stated yet again that there is no standard solution for GAF available, which is - unfortunate yet - consistent with the statement in SAP Note 1932169. I am not aware of an alternative to the GAF creation requirement.

        Best Regards,


        • Is the event host in Malaysia? I am located in Singapore and thus not aware of this. So Christoph, do your company or team have any plan to customize and deliver the GAF solution for use? What I understand that it might not be needed unless the company is requested by MY gov to provide the file, am I right?

  • Hi Christoph,

    Is there a Solution yet for generating GAF file. Will it be a right approach to get all the bseg rows and split them based on the indicator koart D-customer K-vendor and L - GL. and get the tax amounts for that from BSET for those tax codes.

    Please suggest.


    • Hello ESP Generic,

      as of today according to SAP Note 1932169, there is no out-of-the box solution from SAP for the GAF.

      What you are stating on how to obtain the data is basically the approach we have chosen on our custom development. In order to being able to use local GAAP figures for the G/L part, we are also using the FAGLFLEXT table.

      The level of detail in the specifications I have is not very deep, some things I specified to our developer just by observing patterns in the RMCD sample file. There seems not to be a test upload or validation service for the file, at least as of now.

      I am looking forward to the first actual audit check and the RMCD's response to our custom development's extract file.

      Best Regards,


  • Dear Christoph,

    I am wondering what kind of solution did you use for the GAF creation at the end? Did you create a program from scratch or did you use DART?

    To be honest, I am kind of surprise SAP Malaysia is not support this. If you look at the new French audit file requirement last year, the support from SAP FR was really good.

    Well, guess that's life.

    Best regards


    • Hello Ronny,

      I did not succeed with DART & DMEE as the structure did not contain all necessary fields, at least in the Portuguese template I was using. Wwe ended up with a custom report. I do wonder as well why there is no out of the box solution from SAP, but admittingly, if they were provided with the same level of detail as me, I would also wait for further clarification. What I would appreciate the most would be a possibility to do a test load and receive back a validation report.

      Best Regards,


      • Hello Christoph,

        We had a discussion with them, and it seems like it will be a custom development. (Frankly speaking very disappointed) They will not provide any "Free" tools to do any kind of checking. And we are currently in the phase of evaluation between using SAP or we can handle this in house.

        Good luck on creating this and I think this will be a lot of work in the coming months.

        best regards