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Employee Ticket Management (Saudi Arabia) Part-2

Document Purpose:

I am writing this document with continuity of my first document Employee Ticket Management (Saudi Arabia)

where i give idea of step by step configuration in back end system for Leave Passage (Ticket Entitlement) Process which fulfill the requirement of below mention scenarios in country Saudi Arabia.

Business Scenario:

Employees and their dependents in Saudi Arabia may be eligible for leave passage, also known as ticket entitlement, to a specified home airport. The leave passage functionality for Saudi Arabia is based on the standard absence quota generation functionality.

  • The system provides four quotas of leave passage:
  • One for the employee
  • Three for different dependents

Employee Master Data Maintenance:

Before proceeding for Employee’s Leave Passage scenarios you must maintain below list of employee master data:

  1. Employee Personal Information (Infotype 0002 – Personal Data)
  2. Employee Contract Details (Infotype 0016 – Contract Details)
  3. Employee Family & Dependents Details (Infotype 0021 –  Family & Dependents Details)

1. Employee Personal Data – IT0002

You must also maintain the additional information such as home airport, for ticket provision, informational and reporting purposes.

In this infotype highlighted fields are required for this process as minimum.


2. Employee Contract Details – IT0016

In this infotype you maintain employee contractual data with specific leave passage details as shown below, note if you set feature parameter in back end these values defaulted during creation of IT0016.


3. Employee Family Details – IT0021

You store the information such as home airport, Leave Passage check mark and their related ticket quota and so on.

Note: this leave quota selected for employee from IT0002 and IT0016 automatically but for family from IT0021




Leave Passage Quota Generation, Provisioning:

For more details:

  • You have completed the activities in Customizing for Payroll: Saudi Arabia under Start of the navigation path Leave Passage (Ticket Entitlement) Calculation End of the navigation path.
  • You have maintained the following master data:

    Infotype Master Data
    Personal Data Infotype (0002) Specify the home airport.
    Contract Elements Infotype (0016) Specify whether the employee and the employee’s dependents are eligible for leave passage (ticket entitlement).
    Family Members/Dependents Infotype (0021) Specify the dependents who are eligible for leave passage (ticket entitlement).
    Specify the quota type that is to be used for each eligible dependent.

Scenario # 1: Leave Passage Simulation – Testing

You use the Leave Passage Calculation Report (HSAPLEAV0) to simulate the ticket entitlement of an employee. Doing so is useful if the HR user wants to see what the employee’s ticket entitlement is prior to generating the ticket entitlement for real.

1- Run this report via transaction code SA38 with report name HSAPLEAV0

2- Run via direct transaction code PY_SA_HSAPLEAV0

3- Access through SAP Menu Path: Payroll > Asia Pacific>Saudi Arabia>Information System>Employee>Leave Passage Calculation

Leave Passage Report.jpg

Leave Passage Report_S.jpg

Report out put Page #1

Leave Passage Report_1.jpg

Report out put Page #2

Leave Passage Report_2.jpg

Another report out put view

Leave Passage Report_3.jpg

Scenario # 2: Generating and Provisioning Leave Passage Quotas

You generate and provision leave passage quotas for employees.

Note Note

  • The leave passage functionality for Saudi Arabia is based on the standard absence quota generation functionality.
  • You can create additional leave passage quota types in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Time Management End of the navigation path.If you created a new quota type for ticket entitlement, ensure that all of the relevant configurations are made in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Time Management End of the navigation path.

By following below steps you can able to generate and provision leave passage quotas:

  1. Run the Time EvaluationRPTIME00 report (transactionPT60_NON_CE) to generate the eligible leave passage quota.
  2. Run the regular payroll so that the system reads the generated quota from the Time EvaluationRPTIME00 report and calculates the ticket entitlement provision amount.


Kindly note once testing is successful then remove the test run check box








You can also double check in IT2006 that quota has been generated successfully.

Payroll Execution:

At the time of employee payroll running you can see these provisions results in amounts as per Employee, Dependent 1, 2, 3, as shown in below in screen shot:


Scenario # 3 : Encashing the Leave Passage Quotas

Instead of allocating a ticket to an employee, you can pay a cash equivalent to the employee. Encashment can be made in either of two ways:

  • Off-cycle payroll
  • Regular payroll

First maintain IT0416 – Quota Compensation per company policy as below:



After maintain this information then you are able to make payment via regular or off-cycle payroll, system automatically pick the related wage type related this ticket encashment (Note that you already completed your back end setting in SPRO related this wage type assignments)

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      Good document and useful for me.

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      Former Member

      Good Work.....Keep it up.. Very Hard Work

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      very  good n helpful doc ..all the very best.....

      Author's profile photo M. Abdul Jamil
      M. Abdul Jamil

      good work.

      Author's profile photo Bashir Ahmad
      Bashir Ahmad
      Blog Post Author


      Thanks M.A. Jamil,


      Author's profile photo Sadeq Ahmed
      Sadeq Ahmed

      Thanks Mr. Bashir Ahmad,

      For Such a wonderful and helpful Document,

      I Have seen the Both Part 1 And Part two Thanks for the Post on Employee Ticket Management

      I Have a Query can you please guide me for this,

      The Fare of the ticket is not standardized and constant , it may varies day to day and flight to flight in such case how can we get or have the current fare,

      Waiting for helpful reply,

      Thanks a lot again!!!

      Looking forward for more post from you!


      Sadeq Ahmed

      Author's profile photo Bashir Ahmad
      Bashir Ahmad
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sadeq,

      Thanks for your feedback about documents, regarding your query about ticket rate change rapidly, yes which very critical part in this solution of ticket, SAP provides us information that you can change ticket rate by managing ticket rate in back-end IMG settings on monthly basis, where you delimit first rates then start new rate with new dates, kindly note such kind of monthly rate only changed by consultant not by the front end user.

      For your further information I also raised below observation in front of SAP:

      Ticket Management

      • Business requirement is flight ticket rate changes rapidly, for both encashment and provision purpose, SAP solution store this information in back-end IMG setting only, where business user have no access in to change ticket rates before running monthly time evaluation to generate ticket quota and provision
      • For ticket provision generation SAP use time evaluation which is very tricky to manage it on monthly basis, is it possible for SAP to create this ticket quota and provision without time evaluation solution.

      Reply Get from SAP:

      "The common practice with other customers that they fix the ticket fare based on the high season prices every year it is not practical that you update the tickets prices every month, however this can be achieved by entering new tickets prices with new effective date every month in the configuration table before your run time evaluation report which will generate the ticket quota for the month, we understand it is complicated to depend on quota generation but so far this is the only available option"


      Bashir Ahmad

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Salam Bashir Ahmed,

      This is the first time I am configuring employee ticket management.Your document is really very helpful.My question is, it is important to run time evaluation for employee ticket management,if "NO" then what will be steps,because my client has no time evaluation, infotype 0007 has time mgmt status "0".



      Author's profile photo Bashir Ahmad
      Bashir Ahmad
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mansoor,

      Thanks for your feedback, the answer of your query is big "NO" 😀 its not from me it is from SAP, i already discuss the matter directly with SAP concern and they replied me that right now Saudi Arabia ticket management solution based on time evaluation only.

      Cheer & Good luck,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Bashir,

      OK, can you please tell me how can i configure time evaluation that can only take impact on Ticket management and what will be time status in Infotype 0007?


      Mansoor Rehman

      Author's profile photo Shayam Nandan
      Shayam Nandan

      Dear Bashir,

      System is generation one year quota for me instead of one month. I am executing PT60 report for one month only.


      kindly advise



      Author's profile photo Bashir Ahmad
      Bashir Ahmad
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Guys,

      This is for your kind update that SAP introduce new ticket solution with name "Ticket Benefit" for more details visit:




      Author's profile photo Naved Pasha Syed
      Naved Pasha Syed

      Hi Basheer,
      I followed the same steps which is mentioned is mentioned in your leave passage configuration.

      Quotas are generated in pro rata. I don't know how this calculation is done by the system.

      Please help me out with this configuration. Below are the screen shots.

      Wagetypes /6XX are generated as 0.01. How the system is calculated this. Or i missed anywhere the configuration.




      Author's profile photo BALASUBRAMANIAN AP

      A detailed and good presentation...keep it up ..