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How OpsVeda is Transforming the SAP Customer Ecosystem, one End User at a Time

Business intelligence tools are a dime and a dozen, but those focusing on providing value to the end business user are rare. In most instances, BI utilization is reserved for the executive or manager, providing them with views into daily performance and perspectives of yesterday and tomorrow.

A large majority of these BI solutions, however, miss out on the largest part of SAP’s install base- the end business user or those needing real time information about the transactional data they interface with on a minute-to-minute basis.

As companies expand, they continually face a data deluge housed in multiplying systems, and across the demand management, supply chain management, and procurement landscape, often running the risk of non-uniform interpretation of this data by business users. Without unified data purveyance, end users are left with nothing more than static spreadsheets reports, resulting in loss of productivity gains and sub-optimized management of high priority customer transactions.

Opsveda, a member of the Startup Focus program and candidate for this year’s HANA award, is approaching business intelligence in a radically different way by democratizing access to reporting and workbenches that proactively inform end users about what they need to do instead of having them search through data themselves.

Real time visibility and responsive workflows are critical differentiators at a time when typical business users spend 40 percent of their time searching, 40 percent collaborating with other users, leaving the remaining 20 percent for value add work according to a report by McKinsey.  ”This leaves business users with greatly reduced time for true customer service or people in logistics with little time to optimize logistics,” explains Sanjiv Gupta, founder of OpsVeda.

“The OpsVeda solution streams relevant data from multiple SAP and other data sources to enable Data Discovery Flow Analytics for the end users in the form of razor sharp prescriptive workbench’s with actionable insight across Order, Supply, Inventory, Logistics and Manufacturing. This simplifies user workday via elimination of multiple transactional & BI reports, and creates bandwidth for value added work.”

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By bringing data into one unified workbench, end users gain a quick view of what needs attention in a prioritized manner, and the KPI’s and metrics around what is trending.

Opsveda, in essence, serves as a distillation of the streaming data coming customer and supply workflows including shipment issues, transactional problems, and exceptions flowing to the end user. The ancillary benefit that comes through an end user-targeted solution is the ability to capture heuristic knowledge taken at the time of transaction, enabling future employees to quickly gain understanding about the nature and scope of the work. This reduces an organization’s dependence on the users’ native experience around hidden problem spots, and/or on users ability to search for problems.

In the words of users working on the solution…“We used to run multiple reports in SAP & BI to find out what we needed to do…Today, OpsVeda just tells us what we need to do!”

For Sanjiv Gupta, founder of OpsVeda, these needs were apparent during his 15+ tenure in client facing roles.

“I saw that people were not happy with turnaround times and concurrently, users were still using the same blue screen and same reports that took anywhere from 10 to 4 hours to provide any consumable insight,” explains Gupta “these end users were still working with spreadsheets, disenfranchising them from the BI innovation I knew was possible.”

Gupta set out to change the paradigm of running reports in order to give end users something faster and better to work with. In its first iteration, the Opsveda solution was a manage-by-exception platform run on Netweaver-SAP Event Management. Pre-HANA, the event based paradigm collected data points as changes occurred across the supply chain, automatically streaming the data and subsequently determining the impact of the event on pre-defined KPIs and metrics.

When HANA columnar storage went mainstream, OpsVeda came into its current form, providing end user empowerment by unifying reporting, transaction processing, analytics in real time.

Since its induction into the Startup Focus program, OpsVeda has touched 600- 800 business users in SAP’s customer install base across the retail and apparel, consumer electronics, life sciences industries. For these customers, OpsVeda enhances speed, scale and simplicity by over 30 percent. This means an end user is able to respond to exceptions and events quicker, and get more done than ever before.

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