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Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon

HCM Processes & Forms: Bug Hunt – Workflow and DATAMAPPING!

     Recently had yet another “fun” session of “bug hunting” that I thought might be a good one to share. It was not so obvious and definitely not so easy to find.

     This one started out with an email from a user who was testing a process for which we had just “attached” workflow. They said after sending the process off (initiating), nothing was happening. So like any good little workflower (hmmm that looks like “work flower” but I think you get what I mean. haha), I went straight into transaction SWIA to get the scoop on what was going down (in movies, this is where the cops go hit up their neighborhood informant…like Huggy Bear in the tv show Starsky and Hutch“….but with less flair perhaps. haha)….


     Yep….there was our error…and looking at the graphic…


     …it was in our very first step that simply uses a standard SAP task to read a form field value into one of our workflow container elements.

     From there, I hopped over to transaction SLG1 to check for more information and found this…


     Drilling into each error, reveals…




…with more information shown as…


     From there, I went to transaction SE91…”messages”….because from the error, I can see it is message class HRASR00_PROCESS and message number 002….


     The message read as “Data mapping as first step of new form scenario“, and doing a “where used” revealed…


      Well, that seems obvious eh? haha So I looked into that the DATAMAPPING method of the CL_HRASR00_WF_COMPONENTS class.


     It looked like my “dump”/error had something to do with the form scenario and version mapping according to the nicely stated code comment. I went and checked my process and thought everything looked normal enough.


     But something struck me from that code comment…it mentioned the version too. You can find the version in the “form scenarios for Process Start” configuration in the “Process” view, but I switched to the “form scenario” view to make sure. Wouldn’t you know it!!!! ….someone had created a new version and had not communicated that with anyone. (DOH!)


     Back to the workflow and the problem was crystal clear now. The “version” was still set as initial (0000 , default)….


…which I changed to the correct version (0001).


     Saved, re-activated and re-executed…


SUCCESS!!!!….all was right in the HCM P&F world again. 😛

     Sure…it was simply the wrong version on the workflow container setting, but it was not so quick/easy to hunt down from little more to go on than “workflow isn’t working”. Thought this one might help others one day. As the saying goes “the Devil is in the details…..and workflow step bindings” (haha)

     As always, I will keep blogging if you keep reading. Till next time…

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      Author's profile photo Roger Beach
      Roger Beach

      Great share Chris!  Good to see you are still active with hcm p&f.

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks! Yep....still "fighting the good fight" here in HCM P&F Land. 😛

      Author's profile photo Yogeendar Rao
      Yogeendar Rao

      Hi Chris,

      I am facing same issue in standard Form Scenario S_HRMSSRCF_REQUISITION (E-recruitment approval process)

      I have attached custom workflow (Copy of standard 45600028; General task done, events active in HRASR_DT and SWETYPV)

      I have checked the workflow container and Form Scenario Version, both are same. It was working fine before, suddenly its giving this error. By debugging I found it is giving error at same place ( Select Query on t5asrscenarios ).

      Can u pls suggest how to track the issue?




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Christopher,

      We have HCM Form & Process custom workflow to create & approve position.
      When manager tries to approves he is getting error message on the "Error reading process object" (in Fiori).
      This is an interim issue I have check the authorization of the user, no issue with it.
      No Short dump in the system and approval work item is in the ready status.
      I'm getting below SLG1 log for user:
      Could you please help to understand what's this issue?
      Thanks in advance.