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A great SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt

On Thursday, March 19th 


It all starts with a text message at 10.15am: my flight to Frankfurt….DELETED!!!

P A N I C….

Start searching desperately another alternative flight….finally I find it…..SITFRA I want to be there!

After a lot of search… the light at the end of tunnel, there was a new flight 🙂 Yeah!!!


3:53 pm: oh no! It has happened again!

The flight has been canceled!!! I began a new desperate search for an alternative trip: by train … by plain….by car ……

Thanks to a great team of colleagues, and after a couple of hours, we have a new trip … but this time I don’t celebrate it: until I wouldn’t be up on the plane … I wont be quiet!!


On Friday, March, 20th

….Then we are, It’s all set. Finally I’m on the plane and can I relax myself : SITFRA we I’ll be there!!!!!!

On Saturday, March 21th

The location is fantastic, all details are very well settled: there are vases, fruits on the desks…and all are signed by SITFRA.

The agenda of the sessions, is promising. Meeting rooms are much more than full.

It starts with the presentation of Christian Braukmueller, Hendrik Neumann and Tobias Trapp and then the interesting sessions spread over two rooms. A lot of Hana Cloud Platform , SAPUI5 , SAP Web IDE. The speakers are never boring, delight us with professional presentations.

I had the chance to arrange SITROME but finding myself in this situation I can realize that I still have a lot to learn and I can do more to make the next event as exceptional as the SITFRA.

I thought I’d make a video……a special video…….on the wave of the movie “The Hangover”, calling some of the moments of SITFRA 😆

Enjoy it!

A special thanks to the organizers for the welcome we received .

See you soon at the next event! 🙂

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