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Downloading data to Excel from VA05


After upgrading to EHP7 I noticed that someting had changed when trying to download to Excel. Pop up window now displays “Text with Tabs” instead of “Spreadsheet”. So far, nothing new …

Notes 2031959 and 1776721 explain that file is saved as text with tabs and only when opening in Excel, conversions are done. So changing file extensión default from TXT to XLS (note 975868), it is not recommended as it could lead to data corruption (note 1683514), and supressing message on “Different Formats”  when opening XLS file (note 1145885) will not change the fact that file is saved as text with tabs.

Having problems whith numeric fields while totalizing and sorting in files saved as “Text with Tabs” (that can be solved by changing cell format) I found a smart solution I would like to share with you.

Solution is in change layout icon.


I usually use it to add/remove columns but never spent any time on View tab ….

Let´s see. Run VA05, once data displayed on the screen, click on change layout icon


A pop up window is displayed, Select View tab and then select Excel


and the double click on sap_sm.xls template and click on accept.


Sap opens Excel (may take little time to format data) to display data. Now you can save it by clicking on word FILE (not on icon save).


give a path, name and save.


Click on Go Back button to go to VA05 selection screen.

Now you open your pure Excel file and there won´t be warning messages about different formats nor issues with sorting, totalizing…


You have formatted data in “Format tab” and full downloaded data in “RawTab” tab.

In case of need, you can overpass  65536 rows export limitation by applying note 1429136 (check in same note on other limitations).

This solution it is not available only to VA05 but to any tcode where in change layout icon you find View tab.




Feel free to read other documents I published in SAP GUI and SAP ERP Sales and Distribution forums.

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