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Cloud for Customer: Mass E-mail Activation

Since Mass E-mailing is sent through SAP’s e-mail infrastructure, for Marketing Campaign, one need to have this Mass E-mailing feature activated on their tenant. This document will explain how the Mass E-mail Activation is to be activated on your Cloud for Customer tenant.

These steps are also mentioned in SAP Cloud for Customer Help Center and Activation of Mass E-mail Activity under E-Mail and Fax Settings Fine Tune Activity, but thought of sharing it here publicly for those who haven’t explored it and might like to build it in their system

Please note once the below mentioned steps are completed from your side, SAP might take minimum of 10-12 days to activate the Mass E-mailing on your tenant. So plan your mass E-mail activation and Campaign testing in your project accordingly.

Steps for activating the Mass E-mailing:

1. Decide the sub-domain which you would like to use as the Sender Address for Mass E-mailing.

Note: SAP highly recommends the usage of sub-domains instead of using the company domain.

For an example, it is recommended to use ‘’ instead of ‘’. So create your sub-domain accordingly.

2. For your sub-domain add the public DKIM key to your DNS (Domain Name System). Request your network administrator to perform this task. Follow below steps to complete this activity.

     a. Create an entry for your sub-domain of your DNS with the following structure:

               mailing._domainkey.[ subdomain ].[ domain ].[ tld ]

        So for the above example Sub-Domain, an entry will be created with the structure,


     b. Insert the below Text record for your sub-domain into your DNS.







1. Make sure there are no line breaks while inserting the above DKIM key to your DNS. It is spread on multiple lines in this documentation.

2. Documentation on Help Center for “Activation of Mass E-Mail” contains the public DKIM key and the steps above to add it on your DNS.

3. To test whether the DKIM is added on your DNS, follow below steps:

     a. Go to on your browser.

     b. Enter the values in the form that opens up.

     Let’s consider the example we seen above. (

          • Enter ‘mailing’ as your Selector.
          • Enter your sub-domain where you have inserted your DKIM record. Here in our example ‘’
          • Click on button ‘Check’

                     Please refer the below screenshot.DKIM.jpg

          • If the DKIM key is inserted correctly, we would get the below message.


4. Repeat the above steps for all sub-domains in case if there exists more than one sub-domain which are to be used for Mass E-mailing.

5. Open the E-mail and Fax Setting Fine Tune activity and maintain all the sub-domains in the list on the view Activation of Mass E-Mail.

6. Once these steps are completed, inform SAP to activate the Mass E-mailing for your tenant for your sub-  domains. To do so raise an incident for every sub-domain with the below subject and text.

Subject: Activate mass e-mail

Text: Activate DKIM sending process for sub-domain <your sub-domain>

7. SAP will check to confirm whether you have inserted the DKIM record for the sub-domain. If the entry doesn’t seem correct, they will reply to accordingly.

8. SAP also asks some basic information on your Mass E-mailing to enable it for you. E.g.

    a. What is the mailing type? Alarm/ News/ Updates?

     b. Who are the recipients? Customers? Partners? Interested people?

     c. Estimated mail volume? i.e. estimated mails sent per month.

9. Once they confirm that you have performed all the pre-requisites to activate the Mass E-mailing, they initiate the Mass E-mail Activation for your sub-domain on your tenant.

10.  After the activation of mass e-mailing, test it by creating a test Marketing Campaign to the recipients where you can check the delivery of the e-mail.

     a. If the test e-mail was not delivered to the recipient’s mail box, re-open the incident.

     b. If the test e-mail was delivered successfully, the activation of mass e-mail is completed.


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      Author's profile photo sunny Kumar
      sunny Kumar

      good document.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I have a problem and I don´t know if you can help me... When I want send an email for to the customer,  appears: E-mail address invalid: Not listed in allowed email domain

      error dominio.png


      Author's profile photo Chandan Bankar
      Chandan Bankar
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Claudia,

      I am not able to understand the language of the screenshot you sent, however I guess you should check the fine tune activity for Fax and E-mail setting. There you have an option to declare the domain/sub-domain that you would allow to send the email from. eg. if you want to send the e-mail from sub-domain, you will have to maintain this in this activity. Also check the option which will enable to direct e-mail send functionality to the business partner. Kindly check and confirm.



      Author's profile photo Grace Chuah
      Grace Chuah

      Hi Chandan,

      How do we setup/enter the correct reply to during creation of email blast for target group?

      When we create email blast, we are required to enter the sender address (setup has done following the mass email activation steps), but the reply to field is automatically filled up by the system.

      When recipient of the email click on reply, "*" address appears instead of the sender address.

      Email Blast Reply To Field.jpg


      Grace C

      Author's profile photo Liivi Saluste
      Liivi Saluste

      Hi Grace,

      Did you find the way to customize the reply-to address? I'm struggling with the same situation. In this case, the customer's reply reaches only into E-mail Blast --> Replies (this means I have to check periodically the section). But if I could customize the reply-to address, I can create the separate e-mail channel, ticket, workflow rules, etc.


      Author's profile photo Grace Chuah
      Grace Chuah

      Hi Liivi,

      I believe you can make use of campaign which has more capability to create the follow up document example you can create lead and activity or notify employee etc.


      Grace Chuah

      Author's profile photo Leanne Buss
      Leanne Buss

      Hoping someone can help me answer the following questions:

      • Who set this up or if this have been setup?
      • What are the valid domain?
      Author's profile photo Chandan Bankar
      Chandan Bankar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Leanne,


      C4C Admin has to set this up as per Mass E-mailing requirements.

      Not sure what you wanted to know on Valid Domain?




      Author's profile photo Marie-José Veerhuis
      Marie-José Veerhuis


      Can you explain why exactly it is recommended to work with subdomains? Not all organizations are in favor of this and I cannot find the exact reasons, only that it is best practice and recommended.



      Author's profile photo Rogier Smit
      Rogier Smit

      Hi MJ!

      How I always understood this, the reason is that when for some reason the domain gets blacklisted, this only happens to your sub-domain and not to your main domain. Because if your main domain is blacklisted, you will have issues with recipients not receiving any e-mail sent from this domain due to this block. This is something you want to prevent, thus sub-domains are being used.