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SAP Idea Incubator : Social security APP/weblink

So basically this APP/weblink is going to store a large amount of data and would be a social security APP ..

We will keep this Basic as the idea is to have the information become commonly accessible to all ..

  1. Politician [Have Filter state wise , City wise , Area wise ].
  2. Government officer .
  3. General Public [All included ]

For Government officers the data would be filled in by a govt agency .

For an individual it will be filled by themselves and will go for approval to a 3rd Party agent who would verify all details .

Sections :

  1. Name
  2. Education
  3. Identification : ID , passport ,  Aadhar card , Pan card , [You can grey out your address ]
    4. Criminal record if any
  4. Companies worked for [Get yourself validated by a 3rd Party and it will be added ]
  5. Outstanding achievement if any [Specially this section for Politicians ]
  6. 7.Awards if any
  7. All court cases
  8. 9.CIBIL rating

For an individual :

  1. Once they create their profile here 100Rs voucher to be sent to their registered email ID to encourage people to register . Here the primary Key is passport and email ID so you cannot create your profile with both being the same again and again .
  2. Once they create an independent 3rd Party would verify and a verified sign would be shown marking the profile as complete ..

For politicians or candidates appearing for elections :

This is a mandatory step to be able to let the citizens know if they really truly qualify for being the leader in their area and to have transparency in the system .

Benefits :

  1. This will reduce the work and rework of all credit agencies as they can directly check the client details for identification and CIBIL rating in the website .
  2. This will reduce the work of Police when they have to verify tenants to see if any criminal record against them ..
  3. This will help Police to track down the person as people could report about the person if the data is not maintained in the website ..
  4. Provide easy and accessible information at a click of a second for those who want to know about their politicians and government agents .. THus people can take an informed decision while casting their vote .. Currently we dont even know the names of the elected candidate from our city /state..

  5.This will be the next FACEBOOK for the nation .. with real information about real people ..

6. This will reduce the marriage frauds for the partners specially in India as they can check each others validity from the portal to confirm there is no cheating of any sort in terms of faking an identity .

The need for HANA because : It will have a large amount of data being stored and based on a Name and date of birth the details should be published ,,

It is gravely needed that the fetching of data and displaying of data is really fast to be able to have a confidence in people that they are not wasting thier time in trying to use this APP or weblink

Do let me know how it sounds?



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      Author's profile photo Stéphane MARIE
      Stéphane MARIE

      Great idea... completely forbidden in France. French law forbid to have a global 'people' file, and passport number is considered a protected information.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Vineetha..

      i was researching for my MBA's dissertation work and I found your article.

      My dissertation topic is Integrating SAP with Aadhar , PAN & Driving licence numbers, and how it would benefit different Industries in India.

      I found much valid points in your article that would be useful for my work. Would you mind if I include those to my work?

      Author's profile photo Vinita kasliwal
      Vinita kasliwal
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Arjun

      Thats great I dont mind but please include it as a reference thats how I do when I pick something from SDN .

      Thanks again for your nice words 🙂



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Sure will definitely include this in the reference. Thank you 🙂