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Loss Prevention Analytics in POSDM – Patterns

Loss Prevention Analytics (LPA) component integrated with POSDM works based on patterns. These patterns represent a specific type of behavior, and they are used to detect suspicious activities at a POS counter. Here, I have tried to give one liner explanation for the available standard LPA patterns. This can be used as entry guide/reference and start building the patterns based on the requirement. This is also available in Customer Activity Repository (CAR).

Basic – Capture sales based on transaction types (Ex: Report based on Transaction type, Means of payment and corresponding Reason codes)

Discount – Exceptions in discount amount/percentage (Ex: Discount more than XX% by a cashier)

Item Scan Rate – Items scanned per specific transaction type (Ex: Specific item count per minute statistics or Specific items count per Transaction type)

Late Transaction – Pick late void/returns after the original transaction

Off-Hour – Capture sales beyond store open/close time

Refund After Days – Capture refund made after defined days

Refund Matching Post Void – Capture refund made for post void transaction

Before/After – Capture exceptions based on timely relationship between two specific transactions

Refund Without Purchase – Capture refund where no purchase exists in past <N> days

Repeat ESP – Capture consecutive ESP item sales

Same Card Used – Capture specific authorization ID card used repeatedly by cashier

Transaction Header – All transactions by specific cashiers

Tender Information – Capture payment greater than <XXX> for a specific tender type

Insufficient Information – Capture incomplete transactions (Ex: If Cashier failed to capture complete customer information for the sales which requires)

First/Last Hour – Capture non busy hour transactions

Refund Duplicate Return – Fraudulent refund made by cashier

Transaction Line Item – Specific type of discount given for an item priced less than defined amount

Orphaned Transaction – Specific transactions took more than certain time limit

Post Void with Different Cashier – Post void transactions on a same day with mismatch in cashier details

SKU Matching Amount – Capture specific products with discounts greater than certain amount

Gap in Item Scan Rate – Capture if specific time difference between item scan rate within same transaction

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