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Analysis report for GR/IR clearing postings (WRX)

Dear community

Do you have queries from your business users around Inventory Management valuations for GR/IR clearing postings ?
(Posting key WRX) Have you ever looked into the details of a GR/IR clearing valuation, where you have a large PO

history with several different types of postings, goods receipts, reversals and/or account maintenance postings to
consider. If so you will be very familiar with the amount of time and manual effort that is required to clarify the
valuations in these circumstances.

Report MBEXPLAINWRX is now available in the standard system. This report can be used by your support team or
business super users to retroactively analyse GR/IR clearing valuations. A detailed explanation of how the new report
works can be found in the MM Trouble shooting Guides here: Report MBEXPLAINWRX – ERP SCM – SCN Wiki

The report can be used to automatically verify most WRX valuation cases, but some cases are too complex and will
still require manual analysis by your support team.

Check the documentation at the link above for more details.

Kind regards

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  • Hi Brian,

    Really good validation report,I have created a query for the same & providing to user, if this is available it will be of great help.

    But kindly let me know how to view the report.


    • Hi Vignesh,

      The report has been released in a standard SAP note, you may find its number on the wiki page mentioned by Brian above. Once the manual activities are done and the correction instructions are installed the report can be executed in SE38 -> MBEXPLAINWRX .


        • Hi Vignesh,

          The report will be delivered with the next support package to be released, however for advanced access the correction note mentioned here can be installed which can deploy the new report in your system.