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Using barcode field for warehouse tasks in web service

Just wanted to share some information on how to use the barcode field to confirm warehouse tasks like PUTAWAY tasks via web service call. Below you see the MaterialOutput section of the respective SOAP webservice request. Normally you would use <ProductID> and <ActualQuantity unitCode> tag. As an alternative you can use the <AutomaticIdentification> tag with the <BarCodeText>.


The barcode field is built up as follows:

Barcode 91SR_CMP_001]C13010.0]C195EA

91 -> Barcode Identifier for Product

SR_CMP_001 is the Product

]C1 is the barcode delimiter

30 is the barcode identifier for quantity

10.0 is the quantity

]C1 is the delimiter

95 is the barcode identifier for unit of measure

EA is the unit of measure.

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