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SAP CodeJam Frankfurt at AOK Systems

On Friday the 21st of march an SAP CodeJam event took place in the newly built facilities of AOK Systems GmbH, a sponsor of the following SAP Inside Track Frankfurt. For all of you, that don’t know what a CodeJam is: It is hands-on training offered by SAP where you update your skills about the latest SAP technology. And it comes for free. This particular CodeJam was held by Jens Weiler and Jasmin Gruschke, two ABAP for SAP HANA experts. In this session you could learn about a shift of paradigm called code to data: push down application logic to the database.

The session started with a warm welcome from the CodeJam organizers and, of course, setting up the development environment. Everyone needed an Eclipse installation with the ABAP Development Tools(ADT), a SAPGUI, a browser with developer tools (like Chrome) and a HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) account.

After everything was set up, including a connection to an ABAP Cloud system, which was provided by Jasmin and Jens, we started to work on the exercises. The first one was an introduction to the ABAP Development Tools, which are necessary if you develop on top of NetWeaver 7.40 since many development objects (think of CDS views) can only be accessed using the Eclipse environment. The result was a new ABAP project with an ABAP program on the provided ABAP cloud system, which was able to print “Hello World” as well as the content of a table. Especially the code completion, despite the sometimes needed amount of time to display something, was a very neat thing.


The following exercises involved

  • building CDS views (including JOINs, UNIONs, aggregations etc.), OPEN SQL (including COALESCE function and how to query a CDS view with input parameters),
  • ABAP Managed Database Procedure (pushing code to the database, HANA specific, calling other AMDPs),
  • creating oData services that provide the date from the CDS, OPEN SQL and AMDP,
  • and building a Fiori Master Detail application in the SAP Web IDE, that consumes the created oData services.

All these exercises resulted in the following application:


This was my first CodeJam ever and I had very limited ABAP experience, because I am mostly used to SAPUI5 and Java, but I managed to complete all exercises with the help of Jasmin, Jens, other attendees, or the provided solutions. The solutions were also uploaded in a neat Fiori Master Detail view, as you can see here:


All in all the CodeJam was a great experience for me and I can’t wait for the next one. I want to say a huuuuuge thank you to the organizers of the event and especially Jasmin and Jens for those cool exercises. I gained a lot of new insights and experience from this event and I can only recommend a CodeJam to everybody, who wants to learn something new.  I think I’m not alone with my opinion and would like to cite my collegue Martin: „Great Event  !!! I learned a lot. For example about parametrized CDS Views and that the definition of associations have only an impact at the performance if a field from them is used. Thanks a lot at all the people who made this jam possible. A highlight was the definition of a Fiori APP in the HTC. I loved that there was enough time at the end to take a little bit deeper look into this brand new Definition Environment.“

And last but not least we thank SAP for sponsoring food and beverage:



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      Author's profile photo Jasmin Gruschke
      Jasmin Gruschke

      Thanks a lot Nils for sharing your experience with the community. I believe that spreads the idea of the SAP CodeJam format and hope that makes others want to join such an event themselves.

      It was a pleasure for Jens and me to be the "experts" on the event but let me also emphasize that there are way more people behind the scene who make such an event possible... the organizers (thanks to AOK, especially to Tobias Trapp and  Daniel Ridder), the SAP CodeJam team (around Craig Cmehil), and of course the experts in and close by our development team, so it's not only me and Jens doing all the hard work - we won't be able to do that without the help of a lot of others!

      Personal remark: Awesome event at a very nice location - and followed by a very cool SAP Inside Track #sitFRA 😘  

      Author's profile photo Tobias Trapp
      Tobias Trapp

      Hi Jasmin,

      it was really awesome to meet you. But I don't want to adorn myself with borrowed plumes. Hendrik Neumann had to idea organizing a sitFRA and together with Christian Braukmueller they had the idea to organize the CodeJam. But it was fun to be part of the team who made that possible.