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Custom UI5 themes showcase

Informal document to show off your custom UI5 theme. Including screen shots are highly appreciated and may be a inspiration for others. Including the theme itself as an attachment grants you super honour! More info on the why and how of this blog post  Custom UI5 themes showcase

Note: please make sure you have permission before pasting screen shots and that your screen shots don’t contain confidential information.

UI Custom themes

Ziggo Theme

Let me kick it off with a theme I have created for Ziggo, a Dutch cable operator. We use OpenUI5 to manage the back-end of the IP-video platform in the operations department. The UI gives us quick insights devices statusses and allows us to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

The theme is essentially a rebrand from blue to orange and uses the Roboto webfont by Google as it’s main font, to make the interface a bit more snazzy and aligned with other systems. Charts were made using Google’s Material Barcharts. Apart from that, just tiny, hardly visible tweaks were carried out.

At the time the theme was created, the theme designer wasn’t really working properly yet, so that theme has been made using css hacks.


Apologies, can’t share the CSS sources.

Qualiture theme

This is a theme I created for my public facing website created with OpenUI5

The site itself is not real fancy since it is a simple Master/Detail application, with inline (static) JSON model data — so no dynamic OData or other backend connectivity.

I created two custom controls:

  • The testimonials block, to be responsive the way I wanted — FlexBoxes of Grids did not cut it here
  • For rendering Markdown content. Using a custom Markdown control gave me two major benefits while authoring content:
    • It is easy to type in and store in a JSONModel
    • I have complete freedom of the look and feel of the rendered text. There is currently no (simple) way of rendering mixed markup in sap.m, and I did not want to use the rather rigid sap.ui.commons FormattedTextView.

The overall theme was heavily modified, to cater for the gradient masterlist, rounded icons, modified headers, etc. The font’s used are HelveticaNeue, Georgia and Oswald. The social media icon font is ‘Socicon‘. Inside the CSS there are some @media and min-width queries to adapt some controls to a specific viewport size.

The CSS creation (as well as all the coding) was done using using JetBrains WebStorm

q1.PNG q2.PNG
q3.PNG q4.PNG
Your theme?
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  • Great initiative! I'm currently reworking my unresponsive, 6 year old -- but with a colorscheme quite common in the 1850's... 😐 -- website ( using OpenUI5.

    One of my main goals is to have it look fresh, and avoid the "UI5-ey look and feel" as much as possible, yet still recognizable as UI5.

    For example, I use a SplitApp because its a) it's a best practice with regards to navigation on both desktop and mobile, however, you wouldn't immediately recognize it as a standard splitapp "master list / detail page" structure.

      • You know what, I might even have to do so in order to have a unified UX across all browsers; not everyone has Helvetica Neue Light installed, but then again, for those who have it, it is just sooooooooo beautiful! 😀

        So I might change

        font-family: "HelveticaNeue-Light", "Helvetica Neue Light", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, "Lucida Grande", sans-serif;


        font-family: "HelveticaNeue-Light", "Helvetica Neue Light", "Helvetica Neue", "Roboto"

        eventually 😉

    • Hi Robin,

      I updated my site nearly a month ago ( I am using AngularJS and tried it with UI5 also. Problems I ran into were:

      - google analytics v.s. routing (SPA application)

      - google search bots (your page will be a div with content without anything in it eventually. Javascipt is loading the page so a search bot will not see your content).

      I am not sure if there are tricks for UI5 for fooling analytics / search bots.

      Last but not least, someone told me to make the site mobile as well 🙂 .

      @Jan: nice Ziggo theme!



    • As promised, here two UI5 mockups, made entirely with SAPUI5. Some CSS changes, 2 webfonts, and no custom controls. Of course, everything is model/router driven.

      Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 19.42.41.png

      Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 19.41.33.png

        • Of course! 😉

          It's all standard SplitApp, Pages, List, and the responsive sap.ui.layout.Grid for controlling content positioning on different screen sizes (3 cols vs 1 col)

          All text will more or less follow this grid layout. The testimonials will be tiles in a standard Dynamic Container, and my portfolio will be using the standard Caroussel (both will be heavily styled to match the site's L&F)

          • Great twitter conversation in your blog Gareth.

            It would really help if more and more designs can be aggregated and put on a pedestal -- preferably via SAPUI5/OpenUI5 home, and not hidden in this SCN doc for none to find 😀

          • I think you've hit the nail on the head there Robin.  I've always liked how when you go to the D3 website, the first thing you see, before any technical information or API doc's or "How to get started" stuff, is a load of examples of what can be achieved and how good it can look.

            Having something like that at the very front of the UI5 sites would be great.