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I stop using SAP Community Network as my go-to blog platform. From now on I will publish all my blogs on my private site: On SCN I will post a shorter version of an SCN worthy posts.


In case you followed my activities on SCN this should be of no surprise. I stopped posting in the forums years ago, and looking back at the last 3 months, I published almost no blog.

Since the very beginning of “new” SCN I had problems logging in, staying logged in, creating content, having control over my content, using SCN somehow as a place for a digital identity in the SAP world, accessing content from a mobile device, etc. Support from SCN was always top notch, especially from Oliver Kohl. In the end what counts is the overall UX, and when a basic action like logging on is not working, a blog post is lost after loading 4 images (no session found), things that I simply expect to work from a site like SCN do not work … Some of these problems caused me to stop participating in the forums, leaving me basically as a blogger on SCN.

SCN is working on creating a new SCN and taking a look at the announcement made until today, they are on the right track. So why do I not simply wait another 6 months?

Hosting my own site give me foremost insight to who is accessing it and control over my content. Publishing a blog is easier; I can use the site for other stuff like document sharing too. And it works on a mobile device. In 2015! I can have subdomains, link to it without having to fear that someday a URL will change. Short: I can use my site as a home for my digital me.

Of course this won’t be without problems. My site is running on a Raspberry Pi. Lucky me: I bought a model B+, just two weeks before the new model was announced. No 1 GB RAM or multi core for me. The uptime depends mainly on my energy provider (Light): don’t even think the computer will be up and running 24/7 for just one week. Access is HTTPS (TLSv1.x) only. Not only because of security, but because that’s the only port allowed for remote access by my internet provider. You can see, my site comes with a good level of geek factor J

*The real reason why I will continue to post from time to time on SCN is: I am close to 15.000 points or being 2 digit in the all time SCN rating. At least one of those I want to reach!

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      Former Member

      I hope you will give the new platform at least a chance, e.g. try out the features that are most important to you (blogging). I assume the beta will be running within 1-2 months and I'm pretty confident you could be given access to it. Love the geek factor of your approach though.

      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      Blog Post Author

      SCN had its chance. After 4 years with little progress its time to try something new.

      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      Blog Post Author

      Oh, cruel irony! To publish this blog I had to go through some login issues as Jive presented me a nice error message