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What is New in Enterprise Portal in SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SPS10?

Interested in knowing what is going on in SAP Enterprise Portal for SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SPS10 / 7.31 SPS15? Then this is the right blog for you.

With the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SPS7 / 7.31 SPS11/12 the Fiori launchpad is running on Enterprise Portal. For every support package new features are added to make the Fiori experience in Enterprise Portal better and better. In SAP NW 7.4 SPS10 we also included new features for the UI Theme Designer.

And now let’s jump to the details.

SAP Fiori Launchpad on Enterprise Portal

Relevant for Users

Now – by default – the My Home group is delivered empty and will not appear on the home page. It will only appear on the home page, when users add iViews and pages to the My Home group through the tile catalog:


Users can search for tiles in the tile catalog:


Relevant for Administrators

You can set up predefined groups to be displayed by default on the home page. Before SPS10 there was no possibility for an administrator to define a predefined group with a predefined set of tiles for the users.With SPS10 the administrator can fill the Fioir launchpad already with content and when a user logs on for the first time, he or she will not see anymore an empty launchpad.

An adminstrator configures portal categories to represent predefined groups, according to the category, to which the iView or page is assigned.
To set up tiles to appear in a predefined group, the adminstrator configures the Default App in Home Page property for the relevant iView or page in the properties editor (please click on image for better reading):


Users can reset a predefined group they have personalized to restore the default configuration set up by the administrator (click on image for better reading):


Before SPS10 we only supported navigation modes, which open the apps in a new window with quirks\standards modes. Starting SPS10 we also support a navigation mode, which opens the app in-place. The administrator has to maintain the property value Display in Portal Content Area in the property editor (click on image for better reading)::


Administrators can add a portal runtime page as a tile. This enables users to launch more than one iView in a tile. All page types are supported.

The use case are mainly scenarios in which customers have a page that contains more than one iViews, which are connected. In this case a page can be defined as a tile and it will open all three iViews together (click on image for better reading)::


With the function scope of  NW 7.4 SPS10 it is also possible for Portal content administrators to set up tasks to enable SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal for BI Portal scenarios. For more details, check out this blog by Irena Kull.

UI Theme Designer

There is enhanced support for the UI theme designer in SAP NetWeaver Portal. You can now do the following:

  • Delete a custom theme
  • Change the name and ID of a custom theme
  • Save a custom theme before publishing it
  • Customize a theme for a portal tile in the home page and see the changes through the Fiori Framework Page preview


For more details check out the SAP documentation and release notes.

Bookmark this page to be up-to-date on SAP Fioir launchpad on Portal

I hope this summary was helpful for you. We are planning some more features for the next release SAP NetWeaver SPS11. You will have to wait for some weeks and around SAPPHIRE we will update you on the next feature wave for Enterprise Portal.

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  • Hi Vera,

    Thanks for your blog. Currently we are on 7.31 SPS11 and upgrading to 7.40 SPS10. Let's see what difference it makes for my organization. I'll post my experience here. 🙂


    Ravi Maheshwari

  • Hi Vera,

    This is a generic question regarding SP releases.

    I understand Support Packages(SPs) only contain bug fixes which were observed in the previously released SPs and contain no new features/functionality. But in this blog it is mentioned that "For every support package new features are added to make the Fiori experience in Enterprise Portal better and better".

    Is my understanding about SPs wrong? Please clarify.


    • Hi Veera!

      I am not sure about the SP policy in general. I assume that features are put into SPs as it will take too long to wait for the next official NetWeaver release.

      In case I will find some other answers to your question, I will let you know.



  • Hi Vera,

    Good to see more and more featuers getting added to FLP on portal.

    I upgraded my portal to 7.4 SP10 to make use of the above mentioned features.

    But even after upgrade I don't see the Default App in Home Page property on my iview properties.

    Any pointers on how to get this enabled?

    Thank you,