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Hi SDN Gurus,

I came across below requirement from the client.

Client is in to business of manufacturing building material, where business requirement is

Order Quantity” Will be in Pieces (PCs) and “Selling Price” will be in Cubic meter (M3),

  which is nothing but Volume.

The same needs to be mapped in SAP.

While creating sale order, Customer requirement, is to have ONE Column for PCs and

ONE Column for Cubic Meter(M3)  at Item Level.

So that,while creating sale order, if Customer increases Order Quantity (PCs) for a material,

Should automatically update relevant Volume /Cubic Meter (M3) of the respective material.


  • Business requires, Order Quantity to be in Pieces (PCs) as the same requirement will be transferred to

       Production planning,to manufacture the material in pieces (PCs).

  • Sale Order price to be calculated, per Cubic meter(M3) for calculated volume of ordered quantity

        in pieces(PCs) and price not to be calculated on Pieces(PCs)

        Eg: if 20 Piece=25.5 M3, then Sale order Item price, needs to be calculated for 25.5 M3 and

                not for 20 Pieces.

Example of Material Description

Vertical Panel T200 W600 L3000 

Dimension given in above material are in Millimetre (MM),

i.e.. Thickness 200MM / Width 600MM /Length 3000mm

T = Thickness / W =Width / L =Length

Solution to be mapped in SAP

One Column for PCs and One Column for Volume / Cubic Meter (M3),while creating sale order

so that any change in Quantity ,should parallel y update respective Volume(Cubic meter(M3) for the


Price for the material to be calculated on “Volume/ Per Cubic Meter(M3)” for ordered Quantity

which is in Pieces.

Proposed Solution in Standard SAP

(A)  In Standard SAP, While creating material master record “Volume /Cubic Meter M3

      automatically calculated by giving dimension of the material.

   Create material (T.Code:MM01) “Basic Data 1” Tab , we can see VOLUME field.


Standard SAP system automatically calculate “Volume /Cubic meter (M3)”, while entering

product dimension, In “Additional Data” as shown below.


Click Additional Data,Go to Unit of Measure TAB, and scroll to the right, to enter

product dimensions in Millimetre


Enter Product dimension (Length/width/thickness in Millimetre) and Press ENTER.

System will automatically calculate Volume (i.e.) Cubic Meter (M3) of respective dimension of the material.



Calculated Volume in Cubic meter (M3) can be seen in “BASIC DATA 1” tab, as shown below


(B) Now, Sale order Price to be calculated based on Volume in M3 for the respective material and

     for calculated Volume for ordered quantity in pieces(PCs)

     To Calculate, Price based on Volume, do the settings in calculation type for respective

     Price condition type (Eg: ZPR0), as below.

     T.Code : V/06




    Create Sale Order (T.Code :VA01)




  To have volume and Volume Unit, scroll to the right as highlighted above,

  drag VOLUME and VOLUME UNIT, and SAVE it as a Variant as shown below.


  Above screen shot displays, Volume and Volume unit in Cubic meter (M3) for one Piece (PC)

  If we increase Order quantity (Piece), system parallel y updates the relevant volume, as shown below.



   Now,while entering Price for the material, system needs to calculate Price per Cubic meter (M3),

    for calculated volume for the ordered quantity in Pieces (PCs).


   Entering Price with “ZPR0” Condition type


Double clicking condition type “ZPR0” to see calculation details



As explained above, user requirement had been mapped in standard.

Note: This is the first document im posting, looking forward for valuable feedback.



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  1. Former Member

    Hello Jeeva,

    Great! Just one question, after changing the condition type ZPRO to calculate price based on volume, did you also change the condition record UoM in vk12?

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks Pratik, for your comments .

      In the case listed above, Price condition type “ZPR0” its a manual price condition type.

      Hence,condition records not maintained for ZPR0



  2. Former Member

    Dear Jeeva,

    Thanks for posting the document and its extremely good.

    I have one query.

    Can you tell me as how the system automatically updates the volume in the sales order, if we increase the order quantity in the sales order? Through which configuration as system is taking that into account? We maintained the dimensions in the MM data and the system automatically updates the volume.but how the volume is updated based on the sales order quantity if increased?

    1. Former Member Post author

      Dear Noufal,

        If volume is updated in Material Master for a material.

        while creating sales order for that material,volume too will get copied @ item level ,

        its SAP Standard.If you increase the order qty for that material in sales order

        system will  automatically calculate the respective volume for the ordered qty,its SAP

      Standard .




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