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Try SAP Predictive Analytics (a HANA Cloud Image) on AWS

The wait is over! On Feb 27th 2015, we released the first HANA cloud image of SAP Predictive Analytics. Now SAP Predictive Analytics scenarios can be simulated and run on the AWS cloud in the context of HANA. This HANA Cloud image is hosted on AWS which depicts the HANA models and predictive models with data visualization based on a few customer centric scenarios.


Let us get into a quick background of Predictive Analytics RDS and how we arrived at the creation of this image. An RDS for Predictive Analytics has been inspired by the strategic thoughts and initiatives to show case how predictive analytics tools could be realized for customer centric use cases. As part of its inception in 2013, the predictive analytics RDS has modeled a lot of customer scenarios ranging from different industries and LoBs showcasing the different approaches of predictive modeling using Predictive Analysis (now expert analytics in PA 2.0), InfiniteInsight (now automated analytics in PA 2.0), SQL scripting in HANA to utilize native Predictive Analysis Library (PAL).

By the current v4 release of the Predictive Analytics RDS on Feb 23rd 2015, about 30 customer scenarios around 5 industries and 3 LoBs are available. These different scenarios show case the end-to-end story of data gathering from enterprise data sets, data preparation in HANA and modeling the generic objects, doing predictive modeling on key KPIs utilizing one of the approaches(predictive analysis or infiniteinsight or HANA scripting) and finally visualizing the data using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer or SAP Lumira (SAP Predictive Analysis) or SAP UI5.

PA RDS v4.png

Scenarios available in the HANA Cloud Image on AWS:

As part of the Cloud image(that is hosted on AWS), we have made a few scenarios from the RDS already pre-built. This helps the customers to get a complete end-to-end story in the context of HANA. The scenarios that were picked up for the very first version of this cloud image are as follows:

  • Scenarios from Sales & Marketing LoB
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Market Segmentation
    • Better pipeline and revenue forecasting
    • Marketing Campaign success


  • Scenarios from Telco Industry
    • Churn modeling and offer recommendation


You would be able to experience the above scenarios in the context of HANA with enterprise data set that is already available on cloud image.

We have show cased different approaches of doing predictive modeling using the SAP Predictive toolset.

For eg:

  • Enterprise data set using Predictive Analysis (to access HANA PAL) for predictive modeling and data visualization
    • Customer Segmentation use case from Sales & Marketing LoB
    • Market Segmentation use case from Sales & Marketing LoB
  • Enterprise data set using Scripting in HANA (to access HANA PAL) for predictive modeling and data visualization using SAP BusinessObjects explorer
    • Better pipeline and revenue fore casting use case from Sales & Marketing LoB
  • Spreadsheet data set using Predictive Analysis (to access open source R) for predictive modeling and data visualization
    • Marketing Campaign Success use case from Sales & Marketing LoB
  • Call data records and transactions using InfininiteInsight (to access the InfiniteInsight predictive library) for predictive modeling and data visualization using SAP Lumira
    • Churn modeling and offer recommendation from Telco Industry

Architecture of the Cloud Image:

The pre-built HANA cloud image is available(in the SAP store) for a trial period of 15 days. During this time, there is no additional cost to access this image as long as you have an AWS account. The cloud image is hosted on AWS and hence you will need to pay a nominal fee towards AWS but the access to HANA cloud image is available for trial and evaluation purposes in the context of customer centric scenarios.

PA CAL Arch.png


In the upcoming weeks, the HANA cloud image shall be updated with many more scenarios from the RDS story as well make it available on the latest Predictive Analytics tools. Please stay tuned for more information in this regard. The current HANA cloud image explains and showcases the concept behind using the data from HANA, doing the predictive modeling using all the different approaches of Predictive Analysis or InfiniteInsight or HANA scripting. The concepts remain the same but we shall be upgrading to the latest versions of the tools. The current concept or the best practices image available as an enterprise HANA cloud image is upward compatible.

Please click here to access the HANA Enterprise Cloud image for Predictive Analytics on AWS in the SAP Store.

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  • Hello Olivier,

    Yes, we plan to update the HANA Cloud image with the latest PA 2.0 by Q2 (hopefully before SAPPHIRE). The current HANA Cloud image gives you the complete process in the context of HANA cloud and how it can be utilized. The software products currently used are upward compatible and the RDS content that is built works with no additional configuration when upgraded to PA 2.0. An announcement shall made soon once the cloud image is updated to PA 2.0.



    • Hi Venkata,

      This is great news. Even better if it can be done soon, as in before SAPPHIRE.

      Am assuming, the updated image will be on SP09 and the APL with InfiniteInsight Algorithms.

      We have a really good use case ,  just to understand what all can we do with this image, can we create our own schema etc.

      All the best


      • Hello Rajiv,

        Atleast the Predictive Analytics tools should be upgraded to PA 2.0. With regard to upgrading to SP09, not yet confirmed but I shall make sure to provide updates.

        With the image you should be able to do the following

        - Run the complete end-to-end story of data preparation in HANA to predictive modeling in PA.

        - Utilize this image for showcasing quick demos.

        - Doing a quick POC by uploading the data set into the HANA studio so that specific scenarios can be tested.