Requirement of reading entire input text content (CSV, fixed-length) into a output field, can be achieved using ‘File Content Conversion‘ OR ‘MessageTransformBean‘ in sender channel and a UDF in message mapping.


Message mapping to concatenate all lines into a single line.


Create UDF with ‘Execution Type’ : ‘All Values of a Context’. If required change newline character (\r is carriage return, \n is line feed).

public void udf_Concat(String[] eachLine, ResultList outSingleLine, Container container) throws StreamTransformationException {
    String outS = "";
    for (String line : eachLine) {
        outS = outS + line + "\r\n";


Above solution works for XML input also. But, better option is Copy XML Subtree

Reference for this doc: Re: FCC with multiple structure

Other solutions on SCN: Read Entire Input file data as-is in Single node and pass to Output – With Java Mapping in ESR, Whole Payload to a XML field – Process Integration – SCN Wiki

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