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How to get copy of PowerBuilder Enterprise 9.0 installation software

I have started working for an organization that has old PB 9.0 applications that NEED updating.

The problem I have is that I cannot find the PB 9.0 Enterprise installation CD.  Does anyone know where I can purchase/download/order a copy of this software?

THANKS in advance,


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  • Hi.

    You realize that PB 9 is almost 11 years old? You know after v. 9 we got 7 major releases? If you really think to buy PB, then your best case scenario is to buy 12.5 or 12.6 and upgrade the project. That way you will be under a supported version, and your application will be compliant to latest versions of windows!

    PB 9 wasn't unicode... It was compliant with win2000 & win xp... A migration from pb 9 to a newer version can be done but this may not be a really simple task, depending on what that application is doing.


    • Yes, I do realize that it is old and out of date.  That is why I said it is old and needs updating.  The problem is that we don't want to upgrade to PowerBuilder 12.x.  We want to re-write the application in something different.  We need to see the source code in order to ensure we capture all of the functionality.  I am not sure how to see the source code without installing PowerBuilder, which I obviously can't on a Windows 7 pc.  Like I said, this is a problem that I inherited and have to deal with.  I certainly would not let an app get out of date like this.

      • It would be a very difficult task to read the code using any other tool! You can try PBLPeeper, or some of the tools Krzysztof mentions... But if that application uses inheritance or any framework, this could be very hard. Finally even rewriting can be a very complex task, depending on application's complexity... But I guess this is point your company has already considered.


      • Hi John,

        If all you need to do is temporarily see the source code install a copy of whatever evaluation version of PB is available and migrate your PB 9 source code to it. With a little luck it will migrate without much pain and a trial license should give you enough time to evaluate the functionality and/or export the code for rewrite or just maybe convince the purse strings to buy a recent copy of PB. My experience has been that a rewrite of any PB app (of substance) takes longer than an eval period so multiply all estimates by 3. 🙂